Project you and me. Mother’s Day 2017.

You: Just informed me that Captain Turbot’s cousin is named Francois and I had no idea. Insist on doing everything “meself” and throw a fit if something is done otherwise. Obsessed with anything with sprinkles. Love hammers, screw drivers, plugging cords in and installing batteries but only use your play room for “pooping”. Say “mommy” about a hundred times a day and I’m just so darn proud of you it never gets old. Want to make a “combo” out of everything, blueberries dipped in ketchup included. Carefully pick out items around the house and put them in baby sister’s crib that she will “like”. Fully embracing “super cool big bro” status.

Me: Not so patiently waiting for the scary preemie weeks of pregnancy to pass…33 days left until when you came. Obsessing over every detail of your sister’s nursery and love that this time around I can shop in stores and not just online. Equally parts excited and terrified about nursing your sister all night long.  Hoping and praying that you’ll wake up one day soon and decide you want to poop on the potty.  Finding that keeping my cool while you throw a fit is the hardest thing I’ve done to date.  So proud of you for graduating from speech therapy and love being able to have a conversation with you.  Proud of how sweet you are around other kids. Wondering how I could ever love “baby sis” enough considering my heart is so full for you.


21 months

Nicknames: Flynny, bug, bugga, buddy, Flynn-Flynn

Weight/Height: ?  Tall enough to open the pantry door!

Hair: rat tail!  Getting so much thicker! 

Eye color: blue. 

Who does he look like? ME!  And Eric sometimes 

Clothing: 18 month shirts, 12 month pants, size 4 shoe

Diapers: 3s

Favorite Toys: remotes, phones, broom, mop, PV pole, dog leash, his dogs 

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: 8:30-7:30. We went on an 8:30-8:30 run for a few weeks. What a good sleeper!  He loves baths and is always in such a good mood after so if we’re struggling to make it to bedtime we do an earlier bath and play some after.  Because of that we take baths almost every night.  All you have to say is “bath” and zoom! He’s running up the stairs!

Naps: 2. First one ~10-12. Second one ~4-6 Can last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours+. We dropped to 1 nap a day a month ago or so but we was so grumpy so I started to just put him down for naps at the set times and he’s much happier that way. He no longer naps on me. He naps in his crib or the car. He loves sleeping with his fox, blanket and about 3-4 pacis!

Teeth: ??? A lot!  I’m not reaching in there because I’ll get bit but there’s a lot of teeth in there. He’s even got some molars back there. We brush his teeth most nights after his bath

Sounds/Words: Lots and lots of jargon, noises, yelps. He started growling this month and also likes to sniff his nose.  He knows so many words. It shocks me to see the words he knows “put the sticker on your shirt”, “let’s go down the slide”. He seems to learn new words daily. Flynn has been approved for speech therapy. He was assessed to be delayed with verbal language but was assessed to be ahead with comprehensive language.  His first session will be next week. 

Favorite foods: bread! Raisins, apple sauce or any squeeze pouches. Condiments! (Cream cheese, butter, ketchup!), teddy Grahams, yogurt, cheese. Veggies are a tough sell these days 😦

New Discoveries/Milestones:

  1. Can climb in chairs
  2. Can go down the slide on his belly or turn and sit and go down
  3.  Will (sometimes) hold my hand and walk
  4. Can scoot forward off of one step to go down
  5. Will kiss me on the lips with smooch noise included if bribed

You and Me

You: Obsessed with cleaning up spills and sweeping. Never miss an opportunity to flip a dog water bowl. Know about a hundred words but still don’t say any. Kiss mom some days but hug Zable every day. Love baths and playing Tag. Hate naps or even the mention of them!

Me: Dreaming of Quartz, brass and all white kitchens. Excited for you to see your first Easter basket. Mourning the death of the second nap. Praying for an offer and counting down the days til we close – 144. #projectyouandme 



18 months

We are loving 18 months!  It just gets better and better!

Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buddy, buggarat.
Weight/Height: 19 pounds(1st percentile); 29.5 inches (<1st percentile)  (HC is 56th percentile)
Hair: rat tail!  and no, I’m never cutting it!

Eye color: blue.  May be my imagination but I think they’re getting a little more grey, a little more like dad’s eyes.
Who does he look like? ME!
Clothing: 18 months.  Pants are a little long.  We officially wear shoes now with walking and he just graduated to a size 4.
Diapers: 3s
Favorite Toys: remotes, phones, loves putting objects in containers.
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: decent!  Some mornings he gives us a wake up call at 5 or so but after a paci insert he usually goes back to sleep until 6:30.

Naps: 2. First one ~10-12. Second one ~3-5. Can last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours+ and he’s happiest when they’re both around 1.5-2 hours.  Fighting that second nap so hard!  I heard the first nap to drop is the morning nap but he consistently easily falls asleep for that nap.

Teeth: 8. 4 on top, 4 on the bottom.

Sounds/Words: not much in the way of actual words but he blabbers and speaks gibberish.  He points and says “Ah!” whenever he wants something. He knows a lot of words – more than we even realize sometimes as when we’re talking to each other sometimes he points at something we’ve just said.

Favorite foods: blueberries, scrambled eggs, crackers, cheese, apple sauce and bread. I’m feeling the mom guilt hard about the lack of veggies.  He will eat green beans, mushrooms and other random veggies but he’s just inconsistent.  He slurps noodles up just like dad!
New Discoveries/Milestones:

Spins in circles while standing.

Can forward roll (he’s been able to since Christmas but because of his head size it ends up being a sideways roll)

Can go down the entire stairs backwards safely.

No more crawling.

Running!  And falling!

Signs “more”

Loves pointing, clapping and waving

Gives high fives

Started to blow kisses but not consistent yet


We are going to set Flynn up with a speech therapist to get an evaluation.  The pediatrician agreed it is time to get him checked out.  I’m less worried lately since his receptive word bank has grows so much in the last few months.




17 months

Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buddy, buggarat.
Weight/Height: maybe 20 pounds?
Hair: dirty blonde. Still very sparse on top. Getting a rat tail in the back but no way I’m cutting it yet. 

Eye color: blue.  Soul-searing. 
Who does he look like? Dad’s features with mom’s big head.  A little bit of Matt, Eric and Michael all rolled into one. 
Clothing: tops 12 and 18 months; bottoms 12 months
Diapers: 3s
Favorite Toys: buttons, knobs, remotes, phones
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: sleeping like a champ! Bedtime is 8:30. He gets woken up at 6:45 on days I work. On days I don’t work he’s up anywhere from 6:45 to 8:30.  He still gets a straw cup with milk at bedtime and he usually takes a sip or two while we read him a book. After the book we turn his lights down, turn his sound machine on and hold him for a brief snuggle. Then he usually points to his crib and we lay him on his belly and he cuddles right down with his fox.  He likes to have one paci in his mouth and at least one in his hand. 

Naps: 2. First one ~10-12. Second one ~3-5. Can last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours+ and he’s happiest when they’re both around 1.5-2 hours.  

Teeth: 6. 4 on top, 2 on the bottom.

Sounds/Words: not much in the way of actual words but he blabbers and speaks gibberish.  He points and says “Ah!” whenever he wants something. He knows a lot of words and phrases – he even walked a piece of trash to the garbage can and threw it away when we told him to.

Favorite foods: blueberries, crackers, cheese and bread. He loves eating apple sauce from the squeeze pouches. 
New Discoveries/Milestones:

Fitting caps back on containers. Putting food back into containers. 

Helps get dressed by poking his arms through sleeves. 

Can go down a step or get off the couch by going backwards without help. 

Finds pieces of trash on the floor and hands it to you, sometimes without prompting him. 

Walking > crawling. Can walk from one end of the house to the other but his balance is still not great. He often stumbles if he has to step over things or avoid obstacles. 

Mimics what we do – like turning a knob a certain way or using my fingers to hit my lip to make a funny noise. 

Can feed himself with a spoon but not well. 

Will brush his hair if he finds a brush/comb. 

Very aware of when “his people” leave the room. And not happy being held by just anybody any more. (Exhibit A: Santa photo)












































































16 months


Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buddy, buggarat.

Weight/Height: 19 lbs according to grandma’s produce scale

Hair: dirty blonde.  Still very sparse on top.  Mullety in the back.

Eye color: blue.

Who does he look like? Dad’s features with mom’s big head.

Clothing:  tops 12 and 18 months; bottoms 12 months

Diapers: 3s

Favorite Toys: stuffed animals (esp. Bee and sloth), remotes, cords/wires.  He loves playing at the gym while dad coaches.

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: 8:30-7. Putting him down at night has been a breeze.  He gets a bath every other night.  If he doesn’t get a bath he gets a lotion rubdown (which he loves).  He gets in his PJs.  Dad reads him a book.  I sit with him while he drinks some milk from a bottle (usually just a sip).  He then usually points to his paci.  And lately he doesn’t want to cuddle.  He points to his crib.  I set him down and he curls up in a ball on his stomach.  He doesn’t make a peep but he’s awake when I walk out.  On the monitor he tosses and turns to get comfortable for a few minutes but doesn’t cry.  Oh my how far we’ve come.

Teeth: 6.  4 on top, 2 on the bottom.

Sounds/Words: light, mama, yak (for jack), dada (?), da (dog?).  He still doesn’t say many words but babbles frequently.  He loves pointing at pictures or random objects and names them (in his own language of course).  He understands many more words including no, hello, bye, milk.  You can tell that the wheels are starting to turn and I think pretty soon we’ll get some more words.

Favorite foods: CARBS CARBS CARBS.  Bread, pasta, graham crackers – loves them!  Also into strawberries and newly into blueberries.  He also LOVES cheese – non-discriminatory (even blue or goat cheese).  He wants what we’ve got – no matter what.

New Discoveries/Milestones:

Walking!!!!!  He took 4 steps to me in the kitchen on 11/5/15.  He then took about a week off and then starting taking 1 or 2 steps a day.  That has built up so that now he takes maybe 4 steps several times a day.  It won’t be long now til he’s mostly walking.

Milk Only – I finished weaning on 11/17/15.  He had been ready for a week or 2 but I guess I needed a little time to come to grips with it.  At first I gave him a bottle at bedtime and when he gets up in the morning but he drinks only a sip at bedtime and doesn’t want his bottle until maybe a half hour after he’s woken up so I wouldn’t be surprised if we ditch this soon.

No more bottles – we’re officially usually straw cups only.

Mimics what we do – from waving, to eating, to raising our hands up, etc. If I “feed” his oscar the grouch toy, he feeds him too.

Tries to put his food back into containers and screws/puts tops back onto things such as his squeezable apple sauce.

First time pumpkin picking

First Halloween with Trick-or-Treating (we strolled him around the neighborhood)

First time at Maymont

Starting brushing his teeth – he loves it!




Eric decided to take the day off so I got to hang out with my 2 favorite guys today.  We decided to walk around Maymont this afternoon.  The weather was perfect and there was hardly anyone there.  Flynn enjoyed looking around at the animals and the gardens and just as we went to take the steps back up to the nature center to leave he passed out.  Sweetest baby.