Cora – 2 months

Weight: 10 lbs, 7 oz
Height: 22 inches

Diapers: size 1

Clothing size: 3 months fits good

Nicknames: sis, lil sis

Eye color: blue with a thick rim of navy

Sleeps in: pack n play next to our bed – loves being in a swaddleme sleep sack. They’re getting tight so I ordered the large size but it looks huge. Waiting to take the plunge to the next size as I fear she won’t sleep as well. 

Overnight routine: I put her to bed just after I put Flynn to bed at 8. I usually put her in a onesie, feed her and if she doesn’t look tired I let her kick around a bit on the bed. Then I put her in her sleep sack with a swaddling blanket tight around her lower half and give her a paci. She started sleeping 5-6 hours for the first stretch a while back. Then right at 8 weeks she had 3 nights where she slept 8-9 hours. That morning she slept 9 hours was the first and only  time she’s woken me up crying. I jumped up like – woah – what’s that?!  After that she went back to sleeping 4-6 hours for the first stretch. Second stretch is usually 3.5-4 hours. We do a bath before bed 2x a week now. 

Right around 6 weeks she got terrible baby acne and after 2 weeks of it not going away it began to actually get dry feeling, almost crusty. It covered her cheeks and forehead. I read some about it and thought maybe she had eczema since it wasn’t clearing up and seemed dry.  I applied A&D to her face before bedtime 3 nights and it didn’t seem to change. I then switched to aquafor and after 2 nights I noticed a difference. After 4-5 nights of application it was almost gone. I haven’t put any creams on her face in the last several days and it doesn’t seem to be returning. Fingers crossed. 

Daytime feeding schedule: nursing every 2-3 hours. She’s had longer awake/alert periods for the last week and is sometimes awake for an hour after eating. This is especially true when I get her up in the morning.  When that happens I try to let her nap so therefore it’s more like 3 hours between feeds. I’d say >50% of the time it’s me waking her up to eat and not on demand. 

Likes: mama :D, a warm chest to snuggle, pacifier, kicking and batting toys on the play mat, baths (she kicks her little feet), being talked to

Dislikes: headbands, that hour before bedtime, wet/dirty diapers (this is new for us!  No crying but she starts to get fussy – Flynn never cared one bit about his diaper)


We started smiling!  Happened right around 6.5 weeks for mama. This past week she is smiling pretty often at me. It makes my heart explode. She also has the cutest coos and little sounds.  I swear she says “hello” sometimes. She definitely tries to mimic the shape of my mouth when I’m talking to her and it’s so cute. 

Also – head control!  We’re getting there. She is definitely strong lifting her head forward and tries to “sit up” sometimes when I’ve got her in my lap. Less control with side to side movements still. 

Cora had her hip ultrasound and the results were normal!  She fell asleep halfway through it. 

My only concern at this point is a flat spot she’s developing on the right/back of her head. She ALWAYS wants to lay with her head turned to the right.  I noticed the flat spot a week ago and I’ve been trying to turn her head to the left whenever I can but a lot of the time she turns it back to the right after a couple minutes. And it’s hard to do much about it overnight.  The pediatrician wants me to keep up what I’ve been doing. She was less concerned because she can turn her head to the left (aka full range of motion – not torticollis), she just doesn’t like to. 

Cora is such a good baby. She is so patient with me and it takes a lot for her to cry.  There’s only been a couple times where she really got going and usually once I pick her up she settles right down.  It is so easy to take her out places. She wakes up, looks around a few minutes and then often falls back to sleep on her own without any soothing needed. She likes a paci when she first falls asleep but often she spits it out right before she falls asleep.  

She’s done a lot better with eating and doesn’t fuss at letdown anymore. She usually eats 3-5 minutes on the first side and then I change her and offer the second side. About half the time she’s not interested. The other half she eats for 2-4 min and usually by that time is sleepy. She rarely spits up which is so new to me. I actually never burped Flynn because whenever I did he would spit up his whole meal instead of half of it. I burp her after the first side and I usually get a good one half the time. 

We are so in love with this sweet little lady!


Cora – 1 month

Weight: 9 lbs 6 oz

Height: 21.375 in

Diapers: size 1

Clothing size: newborn is tight, especially in the length

Nicknames: sis, lil sis

Eye color: dark blue and getting lighter by the day

Sleeps in: pack n play next to our bed – loves being in a swaddleme sleep sack. 

Overnight routine: I woke her up every 3.5-4 hours to eat for the first 3 weeks. Then I let her feed on demand which seemed to be about the same schedule. Cora is very patient and will often grunt and attempt to eat her hands for 20 minutes so I still haven’t been woken up to crying. 

Daytime feeding schedule: After pumping and giving a bottle every other feed for a few weeks to help her gain weight per the pediatrician, Cora stopped taking a bottle from me about a week ago which made it impossible for us to continue that routine. She is now nursing every 2 hours which 80% of the time is me waking her up to feed. 

Likes: a warm chest to snuggle, pacifier, her hands right on her face, looking at ceiling fans and lights, dreaming with her eyes open 

Dislikes: baths, headbands, when the milk comes too fast – and that’s about it! She RARELY cries. 

Cora passed her hearing exam done by an audiologist at 3.5 weeks old after failing her hearing exam in the hospital. Her umbilical stump fell off at about 3 weeks old. She is set to get a routine ultrasound evaluation of her hips at 5 weeks old to check for hip dysplasia since she was born via c section. She is a healthy and happy girl and mom and dad are smitten!

Cora Denise

Cora is here!  She arrived via scheduled c-section at 39 weeks + 5 days. She came out feet first at 10:48 AM weighing 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 19.25 inches long.  After a few minutes of low oxygen sats and some suctioning to clear her lungs, her oxygen levels improved and she was brought to us.  

Cora was able to attempt breastfeeding quickly once we got back to our room and we were able to get onto a schedule of feeding her every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. My recovery was rough for the first 2 days especially. The first day I was very nauseous from the morphine they put in my spinal injection and that lasted until about 7 pm that night.  That day pain was not bad but they told me the effects of the spinal would last 24 hours. When 11 AM the next day rolled around I thought I wasn’t feeling too bad and was able to get my catheter and IV removed and get a shower.  I was relieved the pain was tolerable, however, around 3 PM my pain escalated and I became very uncomfortable. I was doubled over if standing and it was very difficult to shift in bed or come to sitting without assistance. It felt like a knife was sticking into my incision.  I was very concerned that I might have to resort to taking pain medication which can make me very nauseous and vomit. Fortunately, over the next 12 hours my pain became slightly better.  It got better and better over the course of our hospital stay.

Due to Cora’s high birth weight she was considered LGA (large for gestational age). She was required to get glucose checks prior to each feeding for the first 12 hours. Her glucose steadily rose and these checks were discontinued. After about 36 hours, my milk began to come in. So the second night in the hospital Cora wanted to cluster feed every 30-60 min between 11-3. We went home the next day. Upon leaving the hospital her weight had dropped to an acceptable 8 pounds 1 ounce. Other than failing the newborn hearing exam 2x, her stay was normal and she appeared to be healthy. The hospital pediatrician said she looked great and that her hips appeared to be normal despite being breech but that she would likely get an ultrasound evaluation of her hips prescribed by our pediatrician to assess for hip dysplasia later on. 

Cora’s weight had gone up to 8 pounds 3.5 oz the next day at the pediatrician but over the next week it did not increase. Since my supply was high but Cora had some difficulty latching our pediatrician thought she might be working too hard to eat so she recommended we try to feed her a bottle of pumped breast milk at every other feed. This seemed to help because over the next 4 days her weight increased 5 oz.  She takes 1.5-2.5 oz of breast milk in the bottle and eats more efficiently this way, appearing less frustrated and taking less breaks.  She continues to be very sleepy though. Even at night, I often have to wake her up to eat. I’ll let her go 3.5 hours between feeds but then I wake her up. She is loving sleeping in the SwaddleMe sleep sacks. Occasionally she isn’t quite drowsy enough to go back to bed and I’ll give her a pacifier. She sometimes rejects it but once she takes it she usually will suck for a few minutes and drift off. 

Here’s more pictures from our first 2 weeks. 

Project you and me. Mother’s Day 2017.

You: Just informed me that Captain Turbot’s cousin is named Francois and I had no idea. Insist on doing everything “meself” and throw a fit if something is done otherwise. Obsessed with anything with sprinkles. Love hammers, screw drivers, plugging cords in and installing batteries but only use your play room for “pooping”. Say “mommy” about a hundred times a day and I’m just so darn proud of you it never gets old. Want to make a “combo” out of everything, blueberries dipped in ketchup included. Carefully pick out items around the house and put them in baby sister’s crib that she will “like”. Fully embracing “super cool big bro” status.

Me: Not so patiently waiting for the scary preemie weeks of pregnancy to pass…33 days left until when you came. Obsessing over every detail of your sister’s nursery and love that this time around I can shop in stores and not just online. Equally parts excited and terrified about nursing your sister all night long.  Hoping and praying that you’ll wake up one day soon and decide you want to poop on the potty.  Finding that keeping my cool while you throw a fit is the hardest thing I’ve done to date.  So proud of you for graduating from speech therapy and love being able to have a conversation with you.  Proud of how sweet you are around other kids. Wondering how I could ever love “baby sis” enough considering my heart is so full for you.

21 months

Nicknames: Flynny, bug, bugga, buddy, Flynn-Flynn

Weight/Height: ?  Tall enough to open the pantry door!

Hair: rat tail!  Getting so much thicker! 

Eye color: blue. 

Who does he look like? ME!  And Eric sometimes 

Clothing: 18 month shirts, 12 month pants, size 4 shoe

Diapers: 3s

Favorite Toys: remotes, phones, broom, mop, PV pole, dog leash, his dogs 

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: 8:30-7:30. We went on an 8:30-8:30 run for a few weeks. What a good sleeper!  He loves baths and is always in such a good mood after so if we’re struggling to make it to bedtime we do an earlier bath and play some after.  Because of that we take baths almost every night.  All you have to say is “bath” and zoom! He’s running up the stairs!

Naps: 2. First one ~10-12. Second one ~4-6 Can last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours+. We dropped to 1 nap a day a month ago or so but we was so grumpy so I started to just put him down for naps at the set times and he’s much happier that way. He no longer naps on me. He naps in his crib or the car. He loves sleeping with his fox, blanket and about 3-4 pacis!

Teeth: ??? A lot!  I’m not reaching in there because I’ll get bit but there’s a lot of teeth in there. He’s even got some molars back there. We brush his teeth most nights after his bath

Sounds/Words: Lots and lots of jargon, noises, yelps. He started growling this month and also likes to sniff his nose.  He knows so many words. It shocks me to see the words he knows “put the sticker on your shirt”, “let’s go down the slide”. He seems to learn new words daily. Flynn has been approved for speech therapy. He was assessed to be delayed with verbal language but was assessed to be ahead with comprehensive language.  His first session will be next week. 

Favorite foods: bread! Raisins, apple sauce or any squeeze pouches. Condiments! (Cream cheese, butter, ketchup!), teddy Grahams, yogurt, cheese. Veggies are a tough sell these days 😦

New Discoveries/Milestones:

  1. Can climb in chairs
  2. Can go down the slide on his belly or turn and sit and go down
  3.  Will (sometimes) hold my hand and walk
  4. Can scoot forward off of one step to go down
  5. Will kiss me on the lips with smooch noise included if bribed

You and Me

You: Obsessed with cleaning up spills and sweeping. Never miss an opportunity to flip a dog water bowl. Know about a hundred words but still don’t say any. Kiss mom some days but hug Zable every day. Love baths and playing Tag. Hate naps or even the mention of them!

Me: Dreaming of Quartz, brass and all white kitchens. Excited for you to see your first Easter basket. Mourning the death of the second nap. Praying for an offer and counting down the days til we close – 144. #projectyouandme 


18 months

We are loving 18 months!  It just gets better and better!

Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buddy, buggarat.
Weight/Height: 19 pounds(1st percentile); 29.5 inches (<1st percentile)  (HC is 56th percentile)
Hair: rat tail!  and no, I’m never cutting it!

Eye color: blue.  May be my imagination but I think they’re getting a little more grey, a little more like dad’s eyes.
Who does he look like? ME!
Clothing: 18 months.  Pants are a little long.  We officially wear shoes now with walking and he just graduated to a size 4.
Diapers: 3s
Favorite Toys: remotes, phones, loves putting objects in containers.
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: decent!  Some mornings he gives us a wake up call at 5 or so but after a paci insert he usually goes back to sleep until 6:30.

Naps: 2. First one ~10-12. Second one ~3-5. Can last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours+ and he’s happiest when they’re both around 1.5-2 hours.  Fighting that second nap so hard!  I heard the first nap to drop is the morning nap but he consistently easily falls asleep for that nap.

Teeth: 8. 4 on top, 4 on the bottom.

Sounds/Words: not much in the way of actual words but he blabbers and speaks gibberish.  He points and says “Ah!” whenever he wants something. He knows a lot of words – more than we even realize sometimes as when we’re talking to each other sometimes he points at something we’ve just said.

Favorite foods: blueberries, scrambled eggs, crackers, cheese, apple sauce and bread. I’m feeling the mom guilt hard about the lack of veggies.  He will eat green beans, mushrooms and other random veggies but he’s just inconsistent.  He slurps noodles up just like dad!
New Discoveries/Milestones:

Spins in circles while standing.

Can forward roll (he’s been able to since Christmas but because of his head size it ends up being a sideways roll)

Can go down the entire stairs backwards safely.

No more crawling.

Running!  And falling!

Signs “more”

Loves pointing, clapping and waving

Gives high fives

Started to blow kisses but not consistent yet


We are going to set Flynn up with a speech therapist to get an evaluation.  The pediatrician agreed it is time to get him checked out.  I’m less worried lately since his receptive word bank has grows so much in the last few months.