8 weeks

We had an interesting week since Eric was out of town from mon-fri. This timed with his worst sleep at night to date meant one unhappy momma.

Given the worsening of his sleep at night, Flynn was sleepier during the day and didn’t have much active time during the day at all this week.

On Wednesday I got a really bad headache. I thought it was related to dehydration and sleep deprivation but then slowly I began to realize I had a clogged duct. There was a very tender area on the underside of my right breast. I didn’t think too much of it but I continued to feel worse and worse. I started to run a fever of 100 degrees that evening which meant I had developed mastitis. I knew it because when I kissed the baby’s forehead it felt cold. I felt terrible, like I had the flu. But there was no one to take care of me and Flynn needed me. That was the first time I really had to put his needs ahead of mine. After hydrating, ibuprofen and several back to back nursing and pumping sessions on that side my fever began to go down. Thank God. I started to feel a lot better sometime in the middle of the night. I hope I never get that again!

This week in photos:

Dino shirt is getting snug!


Saturday was Flynn’s first trip to the farm. He got a lot of kisses from Jack and Cooper.




Sunday active time.


Sunday night saying goodbye to dad.














Our little dude is starting to outgrow his newborn clothes. 😭😭😭 Here are some comparison photos of the first time he wore an outfit to this week.




And look at how different he fits in his bouncer!


7 weeks


My little 7 weeker!

This week’s key notes:
• Flynn has started to identify objects. Whereas before he just stared off into space he now locks eyes with me or with toys dangling over him. He can track them too as they move but does better with static objects.
• Sleep at night continues to be short. Most nights we averaged 2 hours between feeds and usually at least once a night he didn’t fall asleep between a few feeds. I bet I could put a paci in his mouth with my eyes closed since I do this every 2 minutes for an hour straight every night.
• On Wednesday Flynn got circumcised. The actual procedure was not terrible and we were there the whole time to hold his hand. He cried but it was no worse than his hungry cries. The real terror came after. He was miserable. He would fall asleep in my arms ok but as soon as I moved him it was bloody murder crying. Seriously…painful cry is the WORST! And changing his diaper and attempting to put antibiotic ointment on it was awful. The first time I cried too. But after a few intense naps that first day he started to feel a lot better. After 24 hours I think he’s back to feeling normal.
• Flynn got weighed at the urologist and weighed a whopping 7 lbs 10 oz! He’s gaining weight at a crazy rate! 14 oz in 10 days! This is no surprise though given his appetite overnight.
• He’s having some “awake” time in between feeds now. The past 2 days he was awake from roughly 1-5 pm. Sometimes he has a second patch before bedtime. Luckily he hasn’t started being too awake over night. I can usually rock him back to sleep and he at least will sleep for an hour.
• And sometimes the bouncer just won’t do. If I put him in it in the evenings he cries so the past few nights I’ve had to make dinner with him in the k’tan which is challenging but better than trying to scurry to make dinner while he cries.

The week in photos:



Chubby cheeks like dad’s:

Framing cross stitch. A real labor of love

Weekend snuggles and goofy grins



Sunday morning

Baby hoodies are the best!



After another sleepless night:


Active time, about 1x a day:


After sleeping all day, this awake baby at 4 AM:


Tuesday cuddles:


Post-circumcision trauma:


Feeling better Thursday:

Look at those hippos!

Hey I’m awake but not hungry…now what


Mom’s buddy:



Cross stitch framed and in the nursery


He’s a sucker for a chest snuggle



6 week wrap up

This week we were able to take Flynn out to several restaurants with success. I fed him right before we left and he slept the whole time we were out. We even went out on Saturday for lunch and dinner and he was perfect. Some people even thought we may have drugged him haha. Nope. Just a boob coma.

He may be eating a little better but that’s questionable. His spitting up is still a frequent problem. I’m questioning whether it may be an oversupply issue but with no way of really knowing I’m not sure what to do.

He’s been smiling more and more often but so far only in his dreams or twilight state. Can’t wait til I make him laugh like that.

On September 7th, Flynn’s due date, we weighed him on a produce scale and he weighed 6 lbs 12 oz! So proud of his growth and relieved that so far gaining weight doesn’t seem to be a problem. Breastfeeding has been so easy. For someone who had such a hard time staying pregnant, I’m a little surprised my body had been able to do it this well. Oh well. At least we’ve got something going for us.

His sleep at night continues to be poor. We may have even taken a step back as most nights he was up to eat every 2 hours which meant I only got an hour of sleep at a time. I keep hoping it will get better but so far it seems to stay the same.

So we get a lot of snuggle time during the day which means I don’t get much done.


With his flynn onesie 🙂





Pretending to sleep good at night.


Crashing so hard after a tough night.





I keep attempting some active time but so far being awake just makes this guy hungry or angry.


You call this a swaddle?? Not even challenging.


I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the nursery so hopefully by next week I’ll be done.

All the announcements went out and everybody seemed to like them 🙂

Here is Flynn’s 6 week photo:


5 weeks

This week I’ve definitely noticed that Flynn is getting bigger and stronger. He’s starting to feel a little heavy when I’m holding him and he’s gaining some head control. Even his grip is noticeably stronger.

We’ve continued to have problems with spitting up but I think the medicine may be helping slightly. We also found a solution for administering it which is to give him a bottle nipple to suck and then squirting the medicine into the nipple. In a few quick sucks he has it down. Seems to work now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Sleep is still no better and actually last night we had a really tough time. He was insatiable from 8-10 pm — kept eating every 20 minutes or so. And then when we put him down for bed in his pack n play he would not settle down. I’d pick him up and he would immediately calm down and I’d rock him or hold him or even lay him flat on our bed and he was happy and then as soon as I put him in the pack n play he’d start screaming. I fed him and that didn’t help. So we grabbed the bouncer from downstairs and he slept in that for 2 straight hours then woke up really angry. I fed him and he would scream if he wasn’t actively eating. I’ve never seen him so unhappy. After 20 min of straight eating he still acted hungry so I gave him a pacifier and rocked him and finally he calmed down. I put him back to bed in the bouncer and he slept 3 full hours! My alarm even woke me up for the first time instead of his hungry grunts. So I fed him and after that he slept another full 3 hours. Amazing. Unfortunately what I’ve been reading about sleeping in a bouncer is pretty anti so I don’t think this is a permanent solution but instead may be a last resort option for nights when nothing works.

He sleeps great during the day if I’m holding him or if he’s in his car seat or bouncer. He just doesn’t like laying in the pack n play. I have no solution yet. Just trying to nap some with him during the day to keep my sanity.

Photos this week:

Flynn in his grandpa sweater outfit complete with elbow patches:





Post bath (we switched to nights):


Food coma








Exploring the neighborhood in the k’tan.



Although he’s still a little too small for it.

Starting to be a little more awake other than during a feeding:



And someone has started laughing in his sleep. Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Crashing today for a mid morning nap


Loves his pacifiers


Also this week my announcements came and I’m going to send them out tomorrow. They turned out great!


And I hung the star lights over the crib which I got off of etsy. I also hung the clock that E’s mom gave us and hung up the banners I made over the window. The nursery is really shaping up.





4 weeks

I did some 4 week photos and will try to do some each week. Kind of angry with myself that I didn’t get any at 2 or 3 weeks but oh well, too late now. Will just have to try to be good from here on out. After his bath and photos, this man was tired…



We had a good weekend at home. We started to realize that little guy was spitting up quite a lot. Like after each meal and sometimes it seemed like he was throwing up everything he ate. And he’d groan and arch his back when it was happening. We started to wonder if he had reflux after I read some of the typical symptoms. This means lots of outfit changes…






On Monday, Flynn turned 1 month old! Crazy how fast time is flying by. I took some photos of course…



This of course knocked him out. Hmm starting to see a pattern here…




And there was another trend going on:


Yes. Lots of poopy diapers. Either this man was growing or there was a poo poo problem.

On Tuesday we escaped to Panera and Michaels while the house got cleaned. I attempted to nurse him in the car between the two stores which was another fail. Despite this, he slept on.


That afternoon we went for a pediatrician follow up. Little man weighed 5 lbs 12.5 oz! He gained over a pound in less than 2 weeks. He was growing great but we did express our concerns about his spitting up to the doc and he thought we were probably right in thinking he had reflux. So he prescribed some Zantac that we’re supposed to give him every 8 hours. This is proving difficult as he spit up the first dose with his meal and the next few doses we’ve tried so far have also been at least partially spit up. Poor guy.

The next day after F’s bath and a well timed feeding I shot his newborn photos. It went extremely well and he slept the entire time. After getting the shots I wanted in his raccoon outfit I went ahead and took some photos of him naked. And he didn’t pee or poop until the very end which was impressive for him (see graph above). Here are a few of my favorites.





That afternoon we visited the urologist for a consult. F is set up to get circumcised on Sept. 17th. I feel mixed about it. I know it needs to be done though. Unfortunately they want me to be there to give him a pacifier while they do it and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ll probably cry.

On Thursday we crashed. F didn’t even want to get out of his PJs and who was I to tell him no.




3 Weeks

E went back to work so I was on my own. Days weren’t too bad but F seemed to be going through a growth spurt so I was getting up 4-5 times every night. Sleep deprivation took on a new meaning. Friends and family came for visits which was nice but that meant I couldn’t nap during the day as much. Despite that I started to fall into a rhythm. I would bathe him every other morning. We’d get up between 7-9 each day depending on when he got up to eat. I’d eat breakfast and he spent the mornings in his bouncer or wed nap together. I’d spend the afternoon writing thank you notes or having visitors over. At night E was home to help prep dinner and feed him his formula.







On Wednesday, my friend Emily came over to take some photos of us. They turned out pretty cute. Here are a few…



Here are a few more photos to round out the week:



First week home – 2 weeks

Our first weekend with Flynn went pretty smooth but we quickly fell off schedule because he was waking up every 2 hours or sooner to eat. He’d go for longer stretches during the day and I tried to not let him go more than 3 hours between feedings. Most of the day we held him and he slept good and then at night we put him in the pack n play next to our bed and he just didn’t seem to sleep as well. We started to wonder if we shouldn’t hold him to sleep but they told us in our newborn care class that you couldn’t spoil a baby under 6 months and it didn’t seem right to not hold him. During the night he would wake up and start groaning and grunting and after about 15 minutes of this he’d start to cry some. Despite thinking that Eric would be the one to get up before me, often I’d get up with Flynn while E slept through it. I guess my mothering instinct kicked in some. So it ended up that I was doing most of the night shift. Sometimes E would get up with me for feedings for moral support but there was really nothing he could do so I didn’t get mad if he didn’t get up. Plus I figured it was good practice for when he went back to work. Slowly I began to realize it might be a while before I slept decent but somehow my body was handling it better than I thought it would. Some kind of mother adrenaline I guess.





Early that week we took Flynn for his first outting to the pediatrician which went very well. He weighed 4 lbs 11 oz which meant that he had gained 4 oz over the weekend. We had stopped supplementing with a bottle following breastfeeding so this was good confirmation that he was getting enough from me. We did continue the twice daily formula feedings but gradually flynn was deciding that formula was not as tasty as breast milk. Can’t blame him because it smells nasty. Everything seemed to look normal per the doctor which was great news.

Car ride to pediatrician:


The next day we bravely went to babies r us to exchange a few items and took F along. I nursed him in the car which was a bit tricky I discovered.


Later that day F rolled to his tummy. Surprisingly this was the second time it happened. Earlier in the week he rolled to his belly and back while I was changing him one day. Completely on his own! #bigheadlittlebody


The rest of the week went on ok. It was nice having a second set of hands to help out.