Project you and me. Mother’s Day 2017.

You: Just informed me that Captain Turbot’s cousin is named Francois and I had no idea. Insist on doing everything “meself” and throw a fit if something is done otherwise. Obsessed with anything with sprinkles. Love hammers, screw drivers, plugging cords in and installing batteries but only use your play room for “pooping”. Say “mommy” about a hundred times a day and I’m just so darn proud of you it never gets old. Want to make a “combo” out of everything, blueberries dipped in ketchup included. Carefully pick out items around the house and put them in baby sister’s crib that she will “like”. Fully embracing “super cool big bro” status.

Me: Not so patiently waiting for the scary preemie weeks of pregnancy to pass…33 days left until when you came. Obsessing over every detail of your sister’s nursery and love that this time around I can shop in stores and not just online. Equally parts excited and terrified about nursing your sister all night long.  Hoping and praying that you’ll wake up one day soon and decide you want to poop on the potty.  Finding that keeping my cool while you throw a fit is the hardest thing I’ve done to date.  So proud of you for graduating from speech therapy and love being able to have a conversation with you.  Proud of how sweet you are around other kids. Wondering how I could ever love “baby sis” enough considering my heart is so full for you.