17 months

Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buddy, buggarat.
Weight/Height: maybe 20 pounds?
Hair: dirty blonde. Still very sparse on top. Getting a rat tail in the back but no way I’m cutting it yet. 

Eye color: blue.  Soul-searing. 
Who does he look like? Dad’s features with mom’s big head.  A little bit of Matt, Eric and Michael all rolled into one. 
Clothing: tops 12 and 18 months; bottoms 12 months
Diapers: 3s
Favorite Toys: buttons, knobs, remotes, phones
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: sleeping like a champ! Bedtime is 8:30. He gets woken up at 6:45 on days I work. On days I don’t work he’s up anywhere from 6:45 to 8:30.  He still gets a straw cup with milk at bedtime and he usually takes a sip or two while we read him a book. After the book we turn his lights down, turn his sound machine on and hold him for a brief snuggle. Then he usually points to his crib and we lay him on his belly and he cuddles right down with his fox.  He likes to have one paci in his mouth and at least one in his hand. 

Naps: 2. First one ~10-12. Second one ~3-5. Can last anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours+ and he’s happiest when they’re both around 1.5-2 hours.  

Teeth: 6. 4 on top, 2 on the bottom.

Sounds/Words: not much in the way of actual words but he blabbers and speaks gibberish.  He points and says “Ah!” whenever he wants something. He knows a lot of words and phrases – he even walked a piece of trash to the garbage can and threw it away when we told him to.

Favorite foods: blueberries, crackers, cheese and bread. He loves eating apple sauce from the squeeze pouches. 
New Discoveries/Milestones:

Fitting caps back on containers. Putting food back into containers. 

Helps get dressed by poking his arms through sleeves. 

Can go down a step or get off the couch by going backwards without help. 

Finds pieces of trash on the floor and hands it to you, sometimes without prompting him. 

Walking > crawling. Can walk from one end of the house to the other but his balance is still not great. He often stumbles if he has to step over things or avoid obstacles. 

Mimics what we do – like turning a knob a certain way or using my fingers to hit my lip to make a funny noise. 

Can feed himself with a spoon but not well. 

Will brush his hair if he finds a brush/comb. 

Very aware of when “his people” leave the room. And not happy being held by just anybody any more. (Exhibit A: Santa photo)