16 months


Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buddy, buggarat.

Weight/Height: 19 lbs according to grandma’s produce scale

Hair: dirty blonde.  Still very sparse on top.  Mullety in the back.

Eye color: blue.

Who does he look like? Dad’s features with mom’s big head.

Clothing:  tops 12 and 18 months; bottoms 12 months

Diapers: 3s

Favorite Toys: stuffed animals (esp. Bee and sloth), remotes, cords/wires.  He loves playing at the gym while dad coaches.

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: 8:30-7. Putting him down at night has been a breeze.  He gets a bath every other night.  If he doesn’t get a bath he gets a lotion rubdown (which he loves).  He gets in his PJs.  Dad reads him a book.  I sit with him while he drinks some milk from a bottle (usually just a sip).  He then usually points to his paci.  And lately he doesn’t want to cuddle.  He points to his crib.  I set him down and he curls up in a ball on his stomach.  He doesn’t make a peep but he’s awake when I walk out.  On the monitor he tosses and turns to get comfortable for a few minutes but doesn’t cry.  Oh my how far we’ve come.

Teeth: 6.  4 on top, 2 on the bottom.

Sounds/Words: light, mama, yak (for jack), dada (?), da (dog?).  He still doesn’t say many words but babbles frequently.  He loves pointing at pictures or random objects and names them (in his own language of course).  He understands many more words including no, hello, bye, milk.  You can tell that the wheels are starting to turn and I think pretty soon we’ll get some more words.

Favorite foods: CARBS CARBS CARBS.  Bread, pasta, graham crackers – loves them!  Also into strawberries and newly into blueberries.  He also LOVES cheese – non-discriminatory (even blue or goat cheese).  He wants what we’ve got – no matter what.

New Discoveries/Milestones:

Walking!!!!!  He took 4 steps to me in the kitchen on 11/5/15.  He then took about a week off and then starting taking 1 or 2 steps a day.  That has built up so that now he takes maybe 4 steps several times a day.  It won’t be long now til he’s mostly walking.

Milk Only – I finished weaning on 11/17/15.  He had been ready for a week or 2 but I guess I needed a little time to come to grips with it.  At first I gave him a bottle at bedtime and when he gets up in the morning but he drinks only a sip at bedtime and doesn’t want his bottle until maybe a half hour after he’s woken up so I wouldn’t be surprised if we ditch this soon.

No more bottles – we’re officially usually straw cups only.

Mimics what we do – from waving, to eating, to raising our hands up, etc. If I “feed” his oscar the grouch toy, he feeds him too.

Tries to put his food back into containers and screws/puts tops back onto things such as his squeezable apple sauce.

First time pumpkin picking

First Halloween with Trick-or-Treating (we strolled him around the neighborhood)

First time at Maymont

Starting brushing his teeth – he loves it!



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