15 month update


Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buddy

Weight/Height: 17lbs 3.5 oz (<1%)/28 in (<1%); HC 18.5 in (55%)

Hair: blonde on top, light brown on the back.  Very slowly coming in on top

Eye color: blue.

Who does he look like? Dad’s features with mom’s big head.

Clothing:  tops 12 and 18 months; bottoms 9 and 12 months

Diapers: 3s

Favorite Toys: stuffed animals (esp. Bee and sloth), blankets (tackles them on the floor)

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Sleep: 8:30-7. Sometimes he wakes up earlier but he usually sleeps until at least 5:30

Teeth: 5. 6th tooth is breaking through any moment.

Sounds/Words: light, mama, yak (for jack).  Loves pointing at pictures or random objects and names them (in his own language of course).

New Discoveries/Milestones:

Pointing at everything!

Hugs his stuffed animals!

Hugged zable

Getting better at standing and playing and can stand without support for about a second.

Drinking from a straw cup (we skipped the sippy cups)

Can fit shapes into holes!

Loves “driving” and turning the steering wheel in his car

Knows how to manipulate most of his toys – does everything on the door and his farm for instance.

First Hike

First Homecoming

First time sleeping in the bed (while in Roanoke) – no one was a fan



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