Pumpkin Picking

Last Sunday we went to Ashland Berry Farm to get some pumpkins.  The great news is that it wasn’t crowded.  It had been drizzly that morning but by the time Flynn had finished his morning nap, the rain had cleared.  We walked right onto the trailer for the hayride out to the pumpkins.

Despite having thrown up a bit on the way over to the farm, Flynn was quite happy the whole time we were there and enjoyed touching the pumpkins and being carried by dad.  Unfortunately, the pumpkins were very picked over but we still managed to find a couple cute ones.

IMGP4003 IMGP4023 IMGP4027 IMGP4028 IMGP4038 IMGP4054 IMGP4056 IMGP4059 IMGP4064 IMGP4066 IMGP4069 IMGP4083 IMGP4088 IMGP4091 IMGP4097 IMGP4101 IMGP4117 IMGP4118 IMGP4124 IMGP4138 IMGP4139 IMGP4141 IMGP4151 IMGP4159 IMGP4162 IMGP4165 IMGP4167 IMGP4171 IMGP4192 IMGP4197 IMGP4204


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