14 months

Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug, buggarat,
Hair: blonde on top, light brown on the back. Very thin still along the sides.
Eye color: blue. Stunning.
Who does he look like? Dad’s features with mom’s big head.
Clothing: 12 month > 9 month.
Diapers: 3s
Favorite Toys: anything with a wheel, phones,
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib
Schedule: We’ve begun weaning!  Here’s his current schedule:

5-7 AM – wake, nurses and back to sleep.

8 AM – breakfast (1 egg scrambled with cheese or oatmeal, fruit)

10/11 Bottle #1 (currently 1 oz breast milk, 3 oz cow’s milk)

11-1 Nap #1

1 Lunch (4 oz yogurt, 2 oz veg (may or may not eat), cheese, sandwich thin, fruit, etc)

3 Snack (sippy cup with water or diluted juice, banana, sandwich thin, etc)

5 Bottle #2 or Nurses

7:30 Dinner (whatever we’re having or fruits/vegetables)

8 Bath (every other night)

8:30 Nurses, sleep

He went about 10 days straight with sleeping through the night!  yay!  But then he has been trying to only nap 1x the last 2 days so that made him not sleep as well at night.  I’m trying to keep him on the 2 nap schedule since he seems to be much happier and sleeps better at night that way but sometimes he just fights and fights with me.

We began the weaning process 2 weeks ago and began with the above schedule with his bottles 2 oz of breast milk and 2 oz cow’s milk and have just dropped 1/2 oz each week.  Because of that I’m now just pumping 1x a day at work.  In another 2 weeks I’ll drop that last pump session at work and will just be nursing him to sleep and first thing in the morning.

Flynn doesn’t do well with the sippy cup but we keep practicing!  We’re also still heating up his bottles but once we completely wean to cow’s milk for the bottles I think we’ll wean the temperature.  Ideally I’d like to give him milk/water in sippy cups throughout the day and ditch the bottles but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Teething?: not currently.

Sounds/Words: talks in his own language.  He says mama when he’s upset with me or if I leave the room.  He attempts to say “light” and points to the overhead light if you ask him where the light is sometimes.  Gma says he attempts to say “jack” which sounds more like “yak”.  He definitely is getting more interested in talking and will point at random things around the room or on our walks and blurt out gibberish.  I think (seriously hope) a few more words are coming soon.

New Discoveries/Milestones:

First words: “mama” and “light”

Pointing at everything!

Not much waving.

Better at standing and can stand with minimal assistance from 1 hand for a long period.


Can walk 10 feet or so with 2 hand support (if he wants to, if not he just pulls his feet up to sit)

Climbing – attempts to climb into or out of the bathtub or onto the couch.

Can hold sippy cup to his mouth but needs help lifting it up.

No more purees.  All pick up food now.  He is very picky esp. about textures or colors (no green food!).  He LOVES meat (pork, salmon, chicken).  He also loves bread.  It definitely takes him a few tries to like something but after about 5 times of trying strawberries with just bitter faces, he now loves them.  We’re trying to stick with the fruits and veggies but if this boy could, he would just eat meat and carbs nonstop.

Loves being flipped upside down.  If you flip him over he’ll drop his head back to let you know he wants to do it again.

Starting to figure out how to fit shapes into holes.

First time at the zoo

Loves playing with the dog and steals his bones and tries to throw his ball but it usually doesn’t go very far.  “Pets” him which is basically him slapping him.


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