13 months 

Flynn is becoming such a sweet mama’s boy.  I’m in love!

Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, bug.
Hair: blonde on top, light brown on the back. Very thin still along the sides.
Eye color: blue. Stunning.
Who does he look like? Both
Clothing: 9 month and 12 month
Diapers: 3s
Favorite Toys: wheels, cars, watches, phones, remotes. Knows how to turn iPhone on.
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib
Food/Routine: up anywhere from 5-7 am. Breast milk every 3-4 hours; bottles (4 oz) with 1 tbsp oatmeal. Lunch is 4 oz of veggies/protein, 2 oz fruit. Dinner is 4 oz of fruits/veggies.  Flynn is getting less and less interested in his food and becoming obsessed with everyone else’s food. He will let you know his disgust by banging his hands on the table if he isn’t getting the food he wants.

Nighttime Sleep: He usually goes down at 8:30 and is up anywhere from 4:30-6 to eat. Then he usually goes back down for a bit after he eats.  Lately he’s been getting up around 1 am half of the nights of the week. Often now when I put him down if he doesn’t immediately conk out he may sit up a minute but then will curl up and go to sleep. He rarely cries anymore when I put him down.  Going down for naps is another story. He cries for a while if I put him in his PNP (on vacation) or his crib.  He sleeps a long time if cuddling with me but tosses and turns for a long time before falling asleep.  He has started sleeping on his side or back when sleeping on me and even slept on his side one time in his crib.  Naps have gotten a bit more predictable, especially on vacation when our schedule was regular. First nap of the day starts around 10, second starts around 3.  He needs 1.5-2 hour naps but sometimes either of those can be as little as 20 minutes. He gets grouchy on those days.

Teething?: We have 4 teeth now. The top two came in within about 3 days of each other (top left was first). He always seems interested in chewing on something.

Sounds/Words: still babbling; says mama a lot when he’s upset.
New Discoveries/Milestones:

Has become very attached to me in the last month. Cries when I leave the room. Reaches for me when other people hold him.  Smiles when he sees me.  Wants to be cuddled by me.  I don’t hate it!

Occasionally points at people or dogs

Better at waving

Played in sand and ocean for the first time (absolutely loved it)

Can stand briefly without assistance

Can stand and play with one hand while holding on with the other for several minutes

Starting to cruise

Prefers to be held while swimming instead of his float (so he can splash more)

Attempts to stand in high chair

Can push a car around

Stands in crib or pack n play

Sleeps on his side some

Loves pick up food > purées

First flight (happy except near the end when he was bored)

Starting to become interested in stuffed animals


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