11 months 


Nicknames: Flynny, buggy, guggy, bagugga, Flynnigus

Hair: blonde on top, light brown on the back

Eye color: grey blue

Who does he look like? Both but more like Eric/Matt

Weight/Height: ? 16lbs+

Clothing: 9 month and 12 month

Diapers: 3s

Favorite Toys: chewing on plastic mail from his door, kneeling and playing with the door. He even likes chewing on his nasal aspirator.

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Food/Routine: up anywhere from 5-7 am. Breast milk every 3-4 hours; bottles with 1 tbsp oatmeal. Lunch is 4 oz of veggies/protein, 3 tbsps yogurt and 3-4 oz fruit. Dinner is 4 oz of fruits/veggies. We try to eat dinner together at the kitchen table.  He also loves eating puffs and is getting better with all pick up food. He’s tried peas, corn, bread, salmon, ground beef. If I cook, I try to set aside something for him that I haven’t seasoned that I can cut up for him.

Nighttime Sleep: Sleep has been more consistent. He usually goes down at 8:30 and is up anywhere from 4:30-6 to eat. Then he usually goes back down for a bit after he eats.  However, some days he doesn’t want to go back to bed which has made it kind of difficult.  We are still having to do CIO some. Some nights he goes right down, some he cries 1-2 min and some he cries 20 minutes. I’m not sure how to make it easier.

Teething?: Still just the 2 teeth but we’ve had some super fussy moments this week which have made me think the next teeth are coming.

Sounds/Words: still babbling
New Discoveries/Milestones:

Coming to sit. Pops right up now!

Crawling!  Officially started the end of May and he gets better and faster every day. At first he would crawl a step and come to sit and then crawl a step and sit, over and over. Now he can go step over step no problem.

Seated stability improving.  He still falls back about once a day but it’s much better than what it was a month ago when he’d fall probably 10 times a day.

Pulls to a kneel. Loves to kneel and play and so wants to stand up but hasn’t quite figured out how to.

Stands with support and tries to take steps while supported. This is new and he just did it for me yesterday. He took about 4 steps, however I was holding up his weight.  He can also stand while holding onto the sofa if I help him stand up. He can go maybe10-15 seconds.

No clapping or pointing but he smacks his hands on his high chair tray when he’s excited.

Went swimming!  And boy does he love it. We started sitting up in a baby pool and then the neighborhood pool near Memorial Day which he really enjoyed. Just sitting in shallow water and splashing.  And we’ve now taken him swimming in the James 2x. He kicks his legs and arms and though we’re supporting him quite a bit through his stomach to hold I’m up, I’m really impressed.

Loves his dog and his dad. And now that he can crawl, Zabe is constantly having to run away from him so he doesn’t get his hair pulled out.

Self feeding. Puffs and small cut up food. He’s getting so much better. He’s a puff addict.

Understands ‘No’. Well, maybe. He at least acknowledges that I’ve said something now. Before he just kept on doing what he was doing. Now he stops for a moment and looks at me. And then of course continues to do what he was doing.
It’s been a big month for us. As soon as we seem to figure things out, our lives change in a big way.  But honestly, it’s getting more and more fun.  Flynn is such a happy guy which everyone seems to pick up on. He is constantly laughing and smiling and despite some fussy moments at times and some crying at bedtime, I feel pretty lucky.  It is so amazing to get to see him explore and learn. He is constantly figuring things out which is so cool to see.

It’s hard to believe he’ll be a year old in just a month. I’m busy making plans for his party and have just sent out his invitations this week.