10 month update


Nicknames: Flynny, bugga, gugga, bagugga

Hair: blonde, getting a little darker though

Eye color: blue

Who does he look like? more people are saying me lately

Weight/Height: somewhere around 16 lbs.

Clothing: 6 month and 9 month

Diapers: 3s

Favorite Toys: anything with a tag.  More and more interested in all toys lately

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Food/Routine: up anywhere from 5-7 am.  Breast milk every 3-4 hours; bottles with 1 tbsp oatmeal.  Lunch is 3 oz of veggies/protein, 3 tbsps yogurt and 2 oz fruit.  Dinner is 3-4 oz of fruits/veggies.  We try to eat dinner together at the kitchen table.

Nighttime Sleep: we went through a rough patch after flynn outgrew his sleepsuit.  It got to where I was getting up 2-3 times overnight to feed him which was silly b/c I knew he wasn’t actually hungry.  So we tried to get dad to try to put him back to sleep if he woke up before 2 or so.  One night he was trying to get him to fall back to sleep and he was just not having it.  Screaming away.  I came in and about that time eric picked him up and he immediately stopped crying.  We knew he was playing us.  So the next few nights we decided we’d try to let him cry it out if he woke before 2/3 AM.  If he woke up after that I’d go ahead and feed him.  There were only 2 nights maybe where we actually had to let him cry.  Slowly over the next few weeks he started getting up later and later.  He finally slept through the night in early May.  His sleep is still inconsistent now but typically he doesn’t wake up before 5 AM.  A few times this week he has slept til 6:30.  We’re definitely headed in the right direction though!

Teething?: YES!  We officially have 2 little teeth.  Just nubs really.  Daddy noticed them for the first time on 5/12.  He loves chewing on stuff but he hasn’t been cranky and actually the night before we noticed the teeth he slept through the night.

Sounds/Words: YES!  Finally talking more.  Just baby babble – mamamama, dadadadad, etc. but it’s good to hear!

New Discoveries/Milestones:

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling – everywhere!  Without much effort he can roll right across the floor.  He’s so good at it that crawling has become less of a necessity.  No crawling yet on all fours but he scoots, pivots and rolls his way to whatever he wants to get to.

Rocks back and forth on hands and knees.  But then goes to advance his hand and face plants usually.

Sitting: Can hold objects and sit as long as he’d like.

Can hold toys while playing on his tummy.

Reaches for mom, dad, grandmas.

Has started to cry around some strangers, esp. if his family isn’t around.

Hits 2 toys together

So close to clapping – I think we may have it now but sometimes I think I’m imagining it.

Sits up in his bathtub and loves splashing the water

Went for his first boat ride and swim this past weekend and loved it!

Grasping – can self-feed with puffs but it’s hard!  He struggles and a lot of the time he accidentally palms them and gets them stuck in his hand.

Flynn got dedicated at church on Mother’s Day. He did great!


9 months 



Nicknames: Flynny, bagugga, gugga, guggy 

Hair: blonde – definitely darker than at birth though 

Eye color: blue 

Who does he look like? a blonde version of his daddy 

Weight/Height: 15 lbs 1 oz; 25.5 inches tall; 17 5/8 in HC. Nothing on charts except head – 42nd percentile. 

Clothing: 6 months; have started breaking out the 9 month stuff 

Diapers: 3s 

 Favorite toys: jumpers; cat on his car seat. Anything with a tag on it!

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib 

Food/Routine: 3.5-4 oz breast milk every 3-4 hours. 1 Tbsp oatmeal cereal added to all bottles. 3 oz solids for a “lunch” and “dinner” about an hour after his bottle. 

Nighttime sleep: bedtime is 8-8:30.  Flynn started rolling onto his belly in his sleep suit in early April so we had to go cold turkey without it.  It was a long 3 weeks or so of waking up every 3 hours again.  

Teething?: nope!  

Sounds/Words: not talking as much.

 New Discoveries/Milestones:

better at rolling

sitting unassisted

much more interested in toys