8 month update

 Time is flying by, sure, but this little guy just gets more and more fun.  It’s like he’s finally waken up. So much energy.  Sweet smiles and laughter.  I feel so absolutely lucky and blessed to have this miracle in our lives.

Nicknames: Flynny, baby, little man, Flynnigus, bagugga, gugg

Hair: blonde, getting more noticeable

Eye color: blue

Who does he look like? a blonde version of his daddy

Weight/Height: probably around 15 lbs.

Clothing: 6 months; have started breaking out the 9 month stuff

Diapers: 3s

Favorite toys: jumpers; cat on his car seat. Anything with a tag on it!

Crib or Parents’ Room: crib

Food/Routine: 3.5-4 oz breast milk every 3-4 hours. 1 Tbsp oatmeal cereal added to all bottles. 3 oz solids for a “lunch” and “dinner” about an hour after his bottle.

Nighttime sleep: bedtime is 8-8:30.  He usually wakes up 1x overnight at least.  Typically around 2 AM.  Then usually up every 3 hours to eat after that.  On days where I work I get him up at 6:30 and put him in his car seat if he’s eaten recently.  He’s usually sleepy at that point.  On days off, we get up around 7-8 whenever he stirs.

Teething?: nope!  where are these teeth at?

Sounds/Words: lots of coos but nothing really resembling words.

New Discoveries/Milestones:
mastering rolling.  Usually rolls over within a minute of being set down.  Has started to connect a few rolls.

so close to sitting unassisted!  Can go a few seconds.  If I sit behind him with just a little support he can play for 10-15 min.

so observant.  Knows when the dog walks in the room and will smile at him.  Looks all around at everyone and everything.  This can be a bad thing too – like how distracted he gets when I’m breastfeeding if Eric says something to me or walks in the room he pops up and wants to look at him.

Has started grabbing everything within reach – remote, my phone, bowls, plates.

Studies objects.  Will hold a toy and just turn it over and look at it.  So much more interested in everything.

Loves going for walks in the stroller sitting up.  A lot of times we’ll go to the playground and do the swings. Then sometimes he falls asleep on the way home.

Has definitely turned into a catnapper. Sometimes I know he needs to sleep longer but he just won’t stay asleep.