Project Nursery

I finally pulled the trigger and uploaded the nursery onto Project Nursery. eeeeek

I’m super proud of the way everything turned out.  Serious labor of love but I would do anything in the world for this baby boy.


Ten tiny fingers.
Your delicate touch.
I hold your hand. You hold my heart.
Forever you are mine.

7 month update

Nicknames: Flynny, baby, little man
Hair: slowly coming in. I’ve even brushed it a few times which is absolutely not necessary and quite comical but I just can’t resist.
Eye color: blue
Who does he look like? Both
Weight/Height: He goes to the doctor next week so I’ll add this in then
Clothing: mostly 6 month stuff
Diapers: can fit into 2s but I switched to 3s bc the 2s were so low riding.
Favorite toys: all of his jumpers!
Crib or Parents’ Room: crib
Food/Routine: 3.5-4 oz breast milk every 3-4 hours. 1 Tbsp oatmeal cereal added to all bottles. 1 oz solids 1 hour after his mid-morning bottle usually around lunch time. He is slowly getting the hang of it. Fruits are definitely preferred!
Nighttime sleep: doing awesome in his crib! Most nights he has slept 8-11 hours before getting up! (Knock on wood). Finally getting our routine. Bath every other night. Dad gets him dressed for bed and gets him in his sleep suit. I feed him his bottle while dad reads us a book. Flynn watches him the whole time. I burp him then place him in his crib. I put his paci in and we kiss him goodnight. We turn on his sound machine and turn out the lights and close the door. He’s typically asleep in 10 minutes or less without any fussing. Oh how far we’ve come. We usually aim for 8 pm bedtime but it can range quite a bit. Some nights he wakes up and I feed him once but he hardly opens his eyes. Just eats and is back to bed. On mornings I work I sometimes have to wake him up to eat or just put him straight in his car seat if he ate within a few hours. When he wakes up by himself when it’s light out he sometimes just contently stirs and looks at his mobile for 30 minutes or so. When we walk in to get him up he is such a happy guy. ☺️
Teething?: happily chewing on hands, feet and anything else he can get his hands on
Sounds/Words: lots of coos but nothing really resembling words.

New Discoveries/Milestones:
Rolled back to stomach for the first time on 2/22/15

Still doesn’t roll often. Seems pretty content to stay on whatever side you put him.

Getting more interested in playing on his side

Can sit with assistance but as soon as I let go he promptly attempts to eat his feet and face plants.

Started sucking on his toes!

Loves loves loves to jump! Can go for an hour happily but we stuff a blanket behind him bc he is still a little unstable looking

Eating solids – sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, acorn squash, pears, oh my!

So grabby! Ouch my hair.

A few times he’s stuck his arms out when I go to grab him. Not sure if it was just incidental but it makes my heart melt.







Emily took some photos of Flynn for Valentine’s Day and OMG they are ridiculous.

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We had a snow day so we took some baby’s first snow pics!