6 months

Nicknames: Flynny, baby, little man
Hair: finally starting to come in! He has a little tuft (that might be stretching it a bit) on the top/back of his head. Sometimes it looks really blonde and other times I think it looks darker
Eye color: blue
Who does he look like? Both
Weight/Height: 12lbs13.5 oz, 24 inches. Head circumference 16.5 in (9th percentile!)
Clothing: can squeeze into some bigger 3 mo stuff but mostly in the 6 month camp
Diapers: 2s are getting tight
Favorite toys: all of his jumpers!
Crib or Parents’ Room: we made the great switch the weekend after his 6 mo Bday. We have him in a baby merlin’s sleep suit which no doubt has helped. At first he was up every 3 hours. It was taking 1-2 hours of rocking him to get him to go to sleep. Finally I realized he was not full enough so we switched to a bottle (w/ oatmeal) instead of BFing before bed. He falls asleep within 10 min and usually sleeps 4-6 hours before getting up. Last night (knock on wood!) he slept from 8:30-5! First time STTN in about 6 weeks.
Food/Routine: 3.5-4 oz every 3-4 hours. As per ped we’ve added a tablespoon of oatmeal cereal to his bottles and it has greatly reduced his spitting up. As a result he’s going a bit longer between feeds. I still breastfeed him on days I’m with him. Wish I could somehow add the oatmeal to me. We also started solids on 2/7. We’ve been feeding him about an ounce of puréed sweet potatoes (homemade) 1x a day. Usually an hour after his meal closest to lunchtime. Most of it comes back out but he does seem to like it. He opens his mouth when the spoon comes. Next up are bananas I think.
Nighttime sleep: better thanks to bedtime bottle with oatmeal (less spit up = full, happy baby
Teething?: there was about a week where I sweared he was teething bc he was so fussy. But now I think he was just extra tired during the day from a) not sleeping well at night and b) growing. He’s been a happy, content baby. Still chewing on everything in sight but happily.
Sounds/Words: has the cutest little laugh. Still cooing and sometimes just does a little drawn out groan as if he’s trying to tell you something.

New Discoveries/Milestones:
After rolling about 10 times from his belly to back he’s stalled out. He seems fully capable but instead keeps making motions like he’s trying to crawl but doesn’t actually go anywhere.
No desire to roll from back to belly but easily rolls to his side by pulling on his legs.
Discovered his feet in early January and they’re just the best thing ever!
Can go 10-20 min in his jumperoo before tiring out.
Loves loves loves to jump!
Eating solids (sort of!)
Grabs anything you put near him