5 months

Nicknames: Flynny, baby, dude
Hair: starting to lose his rat tail 😭. Some hair growing in but it is sooo slow
Eye color: grey blue
Who does he look like? Me lately.
Weight/Height: won’t know for sure until his 6 month checkup. I’m thinking 12 lbs.
Clothing: 3 month stuff fits great. Has started to wear a few 6 month clothes which are still big.
Diapers: size 2
Favorite toys: got a bunch of fun new toys for Christmas including his piano, guitar and new teething toys. Can’t wait til his head control improves so he can try out his jumperoo
Crib or Parents’ Room: Rocknplay next to our bed. He’s almost too tall so I’m trying to get him to nap in his crib. So far not much success. If I can get him to fall asleep he only naps 30 min max before he’s up again.
Food/Routine: 3.5-4 oz every 3 hours. Still inconsistent with sleep so we don’t have a set schedule.
Nighttime sleep: we’ve been getting up every 3 hours more lately. Some nights he’ll go 9 hours. More often its 5-6 hours then up every 3.
Teething?: no but very interested in chewing on toys and his bib
Sounds/Words: laughs and coos. Shouts when he’s irritated.

New Discoveries/Milestones:
Rolled over from tummy to back the first time on 12/13/14. Has done it several times since but not consistently.
Now grabbing toys more consistently.
Can bring his hands together midline.
Head control continues to improve
Tummy time endurance improving. Can go 10 minutes or so before he gets tired.
Occasionally grabs bottle to self feed but only for a second or so
Loves smiling/laughing at everyone.

Flynn’s first Thanksgiving


The only way Flynn would allow us to decorate the tree

Watching TV with dad.

Not always a fan of the k’tan



Sleeping great in his rocknplay

Enjoying a warm winter day

Dinner out with grandpa


A foiled attempt at a crib nap

Mastering tummy time




We saw Santa on the fire truck








Supporting dad before his first track meet



Christmas Eve


First time being held by Uncle Michael

5 months on Christmas Day





Sitting with Uncle Matt and Aunt Candace

Mom update: baby weight is gone! Thank you breastfeeding. This has currently been replaced with Christmas cookie weight but otherwise I’m looking and feeling great. I sometimes feel like I never was pregnant at all because the whole thing is so surreal. I gained and lost 35 lbs this year but I don’t look like it. The body is an amazing thing. I feel connected to Flynn and certainly am one of his favorites but I don’t feel like “the mom” yet. Guessing it will eventually hit me. Is it strange that I secretly can’t wait for the day a stranger holds him and he cries and reaches for me?