3 month update

The last few weeks have been much different for Flynn. He has started to show more interest in playing so we can now follow the eat, play, sleep routine without him just sleeping straight to the next feeding. He started smiling. He can also coo and almost laugh (his laugh is much stronger when he does it when he’s sleeping still). And he started sleeping better. Hallelujah!

Nicknames: Flynny, baby, little man
Hair: Finally starting to grow back in some. He has a baldish spot on the back from laying on his back. Color is a dark blonde but new hair coming in is a little darker on top.
Eye color: grey blue. recently started lightening some.
Who does he look like? Not sure. More people are starting to say me now. He was all daddy at first.
Weight/Height: 10 lbs 1 oz, 21 inches
Clothing: just started wearing 3 month stuff a couple weeks ago. Some stuff is still pretty big, other stuff fits perfect. Pants are always too long for this shorty
Diapers: size 1
Favorite toys: his lion and fox can take him from crying to smiling faster than anything mom or dad can do. Also loves his rattle
Crib or Parents’ Room: Rocknplay next to our bed.
Food/Routine: up around 6/7 to eat. Breast milk every 3 hours. Marathon session around 8/9 pm before bed
Nighttime sleep: sleeping much better! The night after his 3 month appt he slept for 5 hours and he’s stuck with it for the last 2 weeks. Typically gets up around 2:30-3:30. After that he gets up every 3 hours but I don’t play with him until he gets up at 9 am.
Teething?: no but more drooly lately.
Sounds/Words: he shouts and occasionally coos. Then there’s a happy sound he makes that sounds almost like a laugh. A few times he’s made a low “doo” sound. Cute!

New Discoveries/Milestones:
Can hold his rattle if you put it in his hand
Kicking and punching
Head control getting better but not as quickly as I would like
Smiling! First one was for dad on October 4th (11weeks). Here’s the first documented smile which was for grandma (I was last!)


A week after Flynn’s 2 month appt he woke up from a nap with his right eye crusted shut. I thought maybe it was pink eye so I took him to the pediatrician. They said that it probably wasn’t pink eye but saw a scratch on his cornea. They gave me some antibiotic ointment for him. It went away in a week. But then a week or so later it started happening in the other eye. So at flynn’s 3 month appt the dr looked at him and said it was probably a tear duct issue. So he has had crusty eyes for a month now. However, the other night when flynn was crying his left eye was producing a lot of tears. And for the last 2 days his eyes have looked better so I’m hoping that it’s clearing itself up.

When baby boy was 12 weeks we went to Virginia Beach while E attended a training. It was a welcome change of scenery and we had some good walks down the boardwalk. That was unfortunately the first few times flynn decided he didn’t want to be at a restaurant. We had 2 very quick meals while one of us attempted to soothe a screaming baby. After that eating out became a lot more stressful.


I’m now on my 4th round of mastitis. It sucks! I knew breastfeeding wouldn’t be a walk in the park but I really wasn’t prepared for how truly difficult it would be. Sticking with it for now though.

I went back to work last week part time and I’ve started to get into a routine. Mondays I’m home with Flynn. I work Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Home with Flynn on Thursday and then I work Friday. Flynn is with E’s mom Tues and my mom on Wed. Then they switch every Friday. I really thought I’d spend the first few days running off to the bathroom every hour crying but I really felt good about it. Working makes me feel like an intelligent and normal adult. Things I haven’t felt in months. And I feel good knowing Flynn gets to experience a new environment and get to know his grandmas better – 2 of the best and most important women in our lives. I feel like he’ll learn and grow more having the 3 of us watching him. The days I’m away from him I feel like I’m recharging so that I can be a better mom.

For Halloween Flynn was Michelangelo. We didn’t get any trick or treaters 😦


We got some family photos taken on Sunday and I’m obsessed with them. Can’t believe we’re a family now!