6 week wrap up

This week we were able to take Flynn out to several restaurants with success. I fed him right before we left and he slept the whole time we were out. We even went out on Saturday for lunch and dinner and he was perfect. Some people even thought we may have drugged him haha. Nope. Just a boob coma.

He may be eating a little better but that’s questionable. His spitting up is still a frequent problem. I’m questioning whether it may be an oversupply issue but with no way of really knowing I’m not sure what to do.

He’s been smiling more and more often but so far only in his dreams or twilight state. Can’t wait til I make him laugh like that.

On September 7th, Flynn’s due date, we weighed him on a produce scale and he weighed 6 lbs 12 oz! So proud of his growth and relieved that so far gaining weight doesn’t seem to be a problem. Breastfeeding has been so easy. For someone who had such a hard time staying pregnant, I’m a little surprised my body had been able to do it this well. Oh well. At least we’ve got something going for us.

His sleep at night continues to be poor. We may have even taken a step back as most nights he was up to eat every 2 hours which meant I only got an hour of sleep at a time. I keep hoping it will get better but so far it seems to stay the same.

So we get a lot of snuggle time during the day which means I don’t get much done.


With his flynn onesie 🙂





Pretending to sleep good at night.


Crashing so hard after a tough night.





I keep attempting some active time but so far being awake just makes this guy hungry or angry.


You call this a swaddle?? Not even challenging.


I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the nursery so hopefully by next week I’ll be done.

All the announcements went out and everybody seemed to like them 🙂

Here is Flynn’s 6 week photo:



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