5 weeks

This week I’ve definitely noticed that Flynn is getting bigger and stronger. He’s starting to feel a little heavy when I’m holding him and he’s gaining some head control. Even his grip is noticeably stronger.

We’ve continued to have problems with spitting up but I think the medicine may be helping slightly. We also found a solution for administering it which is to give him a bottle nipple to suck and then squirting the medicine into the nipple. In a few quick sucks he has it down. Seems to work now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Sleep is still no better and actually last night we had a really tough time. He was insatiable from 8-10 pm — kept eating every 20 minutes or so. And then when we put him down for bed in his pack n play he would not settle down. I’d pick him up and he would immediately calm down and I’d rock him or hold him or even lay him flat on our bed and he was happy and then as soon as I put him in the pack n play he’d start screaming. I fed him and that didn’t help. So we grabbed the bouncer from downstairs and he slept in that for 2 straight hours then woke up really angry. I fed him and he would scream if he wasn’t actively eating. I’ve never seen him so unhappy. After 20 min of straight eating he still acted hungry so I gave him a pacifier and rocked him and finally he calmed down. I put him back to bed in the bouncer and he slept 3 full hours! My alarm even woke me up for the first time instead of his hungry grunts. So I fed him and after that he slept another full 3 hours. Amazing. Unfortunately what I’ve been reading about sleeping in a bouncer is pretty anti so I don’t think this is a permanent solution but instead may be a last resort option for nights when nothing works.

He sleeps great during the day if I’m holding him or if he’s in his car seat or bouncer. He just doesn’t like laying in the pack n play. I have no solution yet. Just trying to nap some with him during the day to keep my sanity.

Photos this week:

Flynn in his grandpa sweater outfit complete with elbow patches:





Post bath (we switched to nights):


Food coma








Exploring the neighborhood in the k’tan.



Although he’s still a little too small for it.

Starting to be a little more awake other than during a feeding:



And someone has started laughing in his sleep. Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Crashing today for a mid morning nap


Loves his pacifiers


Also this week my announcements came and I’m going to send them out tomorrow. They turned out great!


And I hung the star lights over the crib which I got off of etsy. I also hung the clock that E’s mom gave us and hung up the banners I made over the window. The nursery is really shaping up.






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