Birth Story

Here’s the rest of my birth story which I had written down that day.

7/25 5:54 AM
Had a little scare at 11 pm last night. My contractions were coming every 3 minutes and were getting pretty painful. Rolled to my back to try to get some relief and realized baby’s heart rate was dropping. Before I could even roll back over 3 nurses ran in to reposition me, put me on O2 and the hospitalist came in to check on me. They think he’s laying on his cord when that happens which they say is pretty common once the fluid/cushioning is gone. Poor hubby woke up in a panic and was so worried that once they left he shed a tear – he never cries and it was so cute. Baby’s heart rate stabilized quickly. Dr checked my cervix for the first time and I was 90% effaced and only 2 cm dilated. This after almost 24 hours of contractions. So silly. But over the next 2 hours my contractions started to get more regular and were coming every 3-5 min and instead of some relief in between each one it felt like I was constantly contracting. I was really trying to hold out til the morning on the epidural but I decided it was enough. I told myself I’d make it to an 8/10 pain and I was there. So I got the epidural around 2 am which went well. Shot of anesthetic before they put it in was a bit painful not going to lie. But wow, what relief. Within seconds my abdomen was numbing and by about 30 min or so I was decently numb from my ribs down. They catheterized me which was uncomfortable but it’s so nice to not have to get up to pee every hour. They rechecked my cervix then around 2:30 and I was fully effaced and 4 cm dilated. I was finally able to get somewhat comfortable and rest a little. Feeling great now. Some slight pressure when I contract but it feels great to not be in pain. Just listening to my little boy galloping away in there and waiting. Looks like he’ll probably be coming today!

7/25 11:57 PM
Flynn Martin arrived this evening at 6:35 pm weighing 4 lbs 3.7 oz and is 17 inches long. We’re in love and we both started crying as soon as the doc pulled him out and laid him on my belly. He was purple when he came out which was scary but he quickly cried and pinked up and has been breathing on his own on room air without any assistance. HR, resp rate and o2 sats all look great. I can’t believe this little perfect thing came out of me. Labor was so so tough. After a long 2 days of no sleep and no food (just Popsicles since they wanted my stomach empty in case of c section) as well as bed rest for the last 12 weeks I was in no shape to push that guy out. It was 2 hours straight of pushing and it was really hard. I can not imagine having to deal with the exhaustion of pushing as well as pain. Epidural worked like a charm and I’m positive that it would’ve taken me twice as long to get him out if it weren’t for that. I literally thought I couldn’t go on at one point but rallied once his head was out some. Finally one good push and he came out all at once. I had no energy left. I had a grade 2 tear despite him being so small. The OB that delivered me was constantly massaging the area to try to help it. I was just not meant for birthing babies I guess. But overall I’m feeling good. Got the ice pack on and just got back from visiting flynn in the NICU. He looks good and is having fun discovering his tongue which he likes to stick out. He has reddish blonde hair so far and blue eyes that he likes to peer around the room with. NICU doc says he may go home as early as 35 weeks if he continues to do so well. I just got done pumping for the first time and I’ll be able to get him my colostrum/breast milk that they’ll try to feed him until he can tackle the breast. It’s really scary how tiny and fragile he is but he’s doing so well and it’s good to know he has experts helping him 24 hours a day.





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