4 weeks

I did some 4 week photos and will try to do some each week. Kind of angry with myself that I didn’t get any at 2 or 3 weeks but oh well, too late now. Will just have to try to be good from here on out. After his bath and photos, this man was tired…



We had a good weekend at home. We started to realize that little guy was spitting up quite a lot. Like after each meal and sometimes it seemed like he was throwing up everything he ate. And he’d groan and arch his back when it was happening. We started to wonder if he had reflux after I read some of the typical symptoms. This means lots of outfit changes…






On Monday, Flynn turned 1 month old! Crazy how fast time is flying by. I took some photos of course…



This of course knocked him out. Hmm starting to see a pattern here…




And there was another trend going on:


Yes. Lots of poopy diapers. Either this man was growing or there was a poo poo problem.

On Tuesday we escaped to Panera and Michaels while the house got cleaned. I attempted to nurse him in the car between the two stores which was another fail. Despite this, he slept on.


That afternoon we went for a pediatrician follow up. Little man weighed 5 lbs 12.5 oz! He gained over a pound in less than 2 weeks. He was growing great but we did express our concerns about his spitting up to the doc and he thought we were probably right in thinking he had reflux. So he prescribed some Zantac that we’re supposed to give him every 8 hours. This is proving difficult as he spit up the first dose with his meal and the next few doses we’ve tried so far have also been at least partially spit up. Poor guy.

The next day after F’s bath and a well timed feeding I shot his newborn photos. It went extremely well and he slept the entire time. After getting the shots I wanted in his raccoon outfit I went ahead and took some photos of him naked. And he didn’t pee or poop until the very end which was impressive for him (see graph above). Here are a few of my favorites.





That afternoon we visited the urologist for a consult. F is set up to get circumcised on Sept. 17th. I feel mixed about it. I know it needs to be done though. Unfortunately they want me to be there to give him a pacifier while they do it and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ll probably cry.

On Thursday we crashed. F didn’t even want to get out of his PJs and who was I to tell him no.





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