It’s been an interesting day. Dr. G came by this morning and said since we weren’t quite at 34 weeks she was going to see if we could delay labor for 48 hours or so. I was given some antibiotics that were supposed to calm down my contractions and another betamethasone injection (ouchy!) just in case baby’s lungs could use a boost. Well contractions did lessen but I think it only has to do with how recently I’ve pee’d as the farther I go from peeing the more frequent they become. I’ve been continuing to leak which is a strange feeling as if you’re peeing on yourself but can’t stop. Around 1 Dr. L came by to do an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. He came in singing and dancing and said he was thrilled we made it this far. Fluids had definitely dropped and were down to about a 5 so he said baby is coming and they weren’t going to stop it. His guess is tomorrow morning. He then proceeded to sing a bass guitar solo for about 15 minutes or so. It’s good to see that he’s not worried – eases my mind a little.
They are monitoring for an increase in fetal HR or fever to see if there is an infection as that would cause them to want to take the baby earlier. At last check my temp was up to 99.5 so my nurse said we’d see what it’s like in an hour. Strangely Dr. L does not want cervix checks for the first 24 hours but I guess depending on how I’m doing tonight they may check it then.


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