33 weeks, 4 days

Well I woke up at 4 am and went to the bathroom this morning and noticed I was dripping a little after I peed. I felt my underwear and both the panty liner and underwear were dripping wet. I turned on the light and the liner was a golden orange. I was in disbelief. I took them off and smelled and sure enough, no urine smell. I opened the bedroom door and said, “Baby, I think my water broke.” Eric jumped up and into action. We called the 24 hour line at my clinic and spoke to the on call doctor who asked a few questions then told us we needed to go into labor and delivery as expected. E got dressed and we packed a few things. We drove in and were sent to triage. They tested my fluid and it came back positive for amniotic fluid. They put monitors on for fetal HR and contractions while the nurse admitted me. Once I laid down it was clear I was getting contractions and soon I figured out they were about 4 min apart. Baby was moving around like crazy and HR sounded strong. They admitted me and took me to a delivery room. The nurse gave me an IV and I signed a bunch of papers. Dr. B came in who I’ve never met and after a short exam explained baby is coming today though it may take some time. He said there was no reason to try to stop labor. He said since my membranes had ruptured, baby would be better on the outside. He said once Dr. L was awake he would call him and speak to him about a plan. He was very reassuring and asked if we had a name for baby and I figured, no point in hiding it any longer. He said he liked the name and that it was a good Irish name.

Sitting here now and just waiting. The contractions are uncomfortable but not painful. I’m nervous and I couldn’t stop shaking when we first got here but I feel better, more settled now that we’ve spoken to the doctor. Wish baby could have waited a little longer but I feel kind of like this is what’s meant to happen. July 24th sounds like a good day to be born to me!


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