Cross stitching the day by…

32 weeks, 3 days

It’s been a slow week since I’m running out of projects. This one is getting close to being done as well…


I finished californication (yes, the entire series) so I’m running out of tv to watch as well. Need to start a new series but it’s hard to find one I haven’t already watched.

I’m waiting for my forest book to arrive so I can finish my letter for the wall. Apparently it’s coming via snail mail. Expected delivery July 14-29. What a long range.

Shopping has been put on standby since our showers are quickly approaching. I can’t help but sneak peeks at the registries and it’s so exciting to see stuff being bought up.

I’m waiting to wash up some hospital clothes for F until the showers in case we get some outfits that I like better.

I spoke to my boss and HR on Monday and looks like when I do come back to work it’ll be part-time which is really great. I honestly am starting to feel like going back is going to be a shock since I haven’t thought about PT stuff in 2 months and counting. Hope I don’t forget too much.

Baby has been getting the hiccups a lot this week. Several times a day and it’s really freaking cute. I’m excited to see him on ultrasound tomorrow. Feels like it’s been so long. I’m hoping he’s estimated to be 4+ pounds.

I stayed in bed until 11 today because why not. Getting up early just makes the day drag by painfully. I’m so down this week. Hopefully I can find some new projects.


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