It’s been an interesting day. Dr. G came by this morning and said since we weren’t quite at 34 weeks she was going to see if we could delay labor for 48 hours or so. I was given some antibiotics that were supposed to calm down my contractions and another betamethasone injection (ouchy!) just in case baby’s lungs could use a boost. Well contractions did lessen but I think it only has to do with how recently I’ve pee’d as the farther I go from peeing the more frequent they become. I’ve been continuing to leak which is a strange feeling as if you’re peeing on yourself but can’t stop. Around 1 Dr. L came by to do an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. He came in singing and dancing and said he was thrilled we made it this far. Fluids had definitely dropped and were down to about a 5 so he said baby is coming and they weren’t going to stop it. His guess is tomorrow morning. He then proceeded to sing a bass guitar solo for about 15 minutes or so. It’s good to see that he’s not worried – eases my mind a little.
They are monitoring for an increase in fetal HR or fever to see if there is an infection as that would cause them to want to take the baby earlier. At last check my temp was up to 99.5 so my nurse said we’d see what it’s like in an hour. Strangely Dr. L does not want cervix checks for the first 24 hours but I guess depending on how I’m doing tonight they may check it then.


33 weeks, 4 days

Well I woke up at 4 am and went to the bathroom this morning and noticed I was dripping a little after I peed. I felt my underwear and both the panty liner and underwear were dripping wet. I turned on the light and the liner was a golden orange. I was in disbelief. I took them off and smelled and sure enough, no urine smell. I opened the bedroom door and said, “Baby, I think my water broke.” Eric jumped up and into action. We called the 24 hour line at my clinic and spoke to the on call doctor who asked a few questions then told us we needed to go into labor and delivery as expected. E got dressed and we packed a few things. We drove in and were sent to triage. They tested my fluid and it came back positive for amniotic fluid. They put monitors on for fetal HR and contractions while the nurse admitted me. Once I laid down it was clear I was getting contractions and soon I figured out they were about 4 min apart. Baby was moving around like crazy and HR sounded strong. They admitted me and took me to a delivery room. The nurse gave me an IV and I signed a bunch of papers. Dr. B came in who I’ve never met and after a short exam explained baby is coming today though it may take some time. He said there was no reason to try to stop labor. He said since my membranes had ruptured, baby would be better on the outside. He said once Dr. L was awake he would call him and speak to him about a plan. He was very reassuring and asked if we had a name for baby and I figured, no point in hiding it any longer. He said he liked the name and that it was a good Irish name.

Sitting here now and just waiting. The contractions are uncomfortable but not painful. I’m nervous and I couldn’t stop shaking when we first got here but I feel better, more settled now that we’ve spoken to the doctor. Wish baby could have waited a little longer but I feel kind of like this is what’s meant to happen. July 24th sounds like a good day to be born to me!

33 weeks

33 weeks, 1 day
48 days til due date

Thursday we went for an ultrasound and baby was estimated to weigh 4 lbs 8 oz!!! So exciting. He had been running 2 days ahead with growth but now he’s jumped to about a week ahead. His head circumference was 70th percentile. His biparietal diameter was 97th percentile which means he has a very round head. His abdomen was a little small, his femur length right on track and his humerus length a little ahead. He was breathing and moving around and all looked good. So good they are giving us a week off and we’ll do one last ultrasound at 36 weeks. We did discuss delivery a little with the specialist and he said we’ll have to wait and see how baby’s growth continues. He said “my how our problems have changed. At first we were worried baby would come out too easily and now we’re worried he won’t be able to come out. “:) Happy problems indeed.

I was a little concerned Friday night that my water might have broken as I had some increased watery discharge. But it didn’t smell sweet and it didn’t continue. Baby’s been moving since and contractions have not increased or changed. So I’m hoping it’s all normal. I’m keeping an eye on everything.

I’ve been slowly increasing my activity. Nothing major but I help more with chores around the house. Laundry, putting away dishes, putting away groceries, etc. It feels good to be a little more helpful. I know we still have some tricky stuff to get through but it’s so exciting that we’re nearly at 34 weeks (6 days away!) and 35 weeks is less than 2 weeks away.

Tomorrow we’ll have our first shower at E’s work and our big shower is next Sunday. My mom and E’s mom are busy planning and preparing everything.

The forest book came end of last week and I finished the letter and hung it in the nursery.

Here’s the letter which I made from four sheets of cardboard that I cut out with an exacto knife and taped together with masking tape.


Here it is after using mod podge to glue on some of the pictures.


And here’s the finished product:


And in the nursery:


Cross stitching the day by…

32 weeks, 3 days

It’s been a slow week since I’m running out of projects. This one is getting close to being done as well…


I finished californication (yes, the entire series) so I’m running out of tv to watch as well. Need to start a new series but it’s hard to find one I haven’t already watched.

I’m waiting for my forest book to arrive so I can finish my letter for the wall. Apparently it’s coming via snail mail. Expected delivery July 14-29. What a long range.

Shopping has been put on standby since our showers are quickly approaching. I can’t help but sneak peeks at the registries and it’s so exciting to see stuff being bought up.

I’m waiting to wash up some hospital clothes for F until the showers in case we get some outfits that I like better.

I spoke to my boss and HR on Monday and looks like when I do come back to work it’ll be part-time which is really great. I honestly am starting to feel like going back is going to be a shock since I haven’t thought about PT stuff in 2 months and counting. Hope I don’t forget too much.

Baby has been getting the hiccups a lot this week. Several times a day and it’s really freaking cute. I’m excited to see him on ultrasound tomorrow. Feels like it’s been so long. I’m hoping he’s estimated to be 4+ pounds.

I stayed in bed until 11 today because why not. Getting up early just makes the day drag by painfully. I’m so down this week. Hopefully I can find some new projects.

One proud mama

So this happened today.



So happy and feel like it turned out perfect and just how I had hoped it would. Poor hubs had a little battle installing the ceiling hooks and he had to go buy another after one broke when installing it but overall it wasn’t that bad. Actually I think installing the pendant light may have taken longer. Little man gets to sleep under the trees every night. How awesome is that. In love.

Just too freaking hot. I’ll stick to my crafting.

What a yucky day. Went to a picnic and sat in the heat for only 90 min maybe but I was just uncontrollably sweating. I spent an hour doing my makeup and it was gone in 10 minutes. Sweat was pouring down my face. It was hot yeah but everybody else was running around and out in the sun and there I was sweating twice as much just sitting in the shade. The heat and stress of it was causing some contractions so I got hubby to take me home and literally peeled my shorts off. It looked like I had jumped in the pool they were so wet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I think it has something to do with all the medication I’m on.  Now I’m just sitting here crying. Can’t stop. I just want to be back to normal. First time I really didn’t like being pregnant. I should’ve known better than to go in the first place. It was too hot. 96 degrees. I shouldn’t have gone.