29 weeks

29 weeks, 5 days

30 days!

Hard to believe it’s been over 5 weeks since I started bed rest.  Surprisingly time is going by quickly.  We’re over halfway to 34 weeks from when we started so I’m feeling good about that.

We went for an ultrasound on Tuesday and things were looking about the same.  Good fluid levels and cervix measured about 1.1 cm.  They did a biophysical profile of the baby and he got 100%!  I was a little concerned before the appointment because during the USA vs. Portugal game on Sunday night I got a little riled up and starting having contractions every 10-15 min.  Fortunately I drank lots of water and laid back and they started to space themselves out again.  They’ve been back to their normal 1 every hour or so since Monday.

The nursery is coming along.  I’m really happy with the rug and lighting we got.  Hubby put up the pendant last Saturday which was terribly difficult but it looks great!

nurserypendant  owllampnursery


Next up for projects:

– making lots of origami leaves and animals for a mobile

I’d like to hang all of them with fishing wire from a branch.  (inspiration)

– research for a pouf and wooden letter

– more cross stitching…endless.

I’ve also started to acquire quite a lot of baby clothes and other items so today I went ahead and threw a bunch of blankets in the washing machine to get them ready.  So exciting to start filling up those drawers!

Here’s my 29 week bump!



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