28 weeks

28 weeks, 3 days (eggplant)

39 days until 34 weeks

On Monday we went for our 28 week ultrasound which went well.  My cervix continues to funnel dynamically but hovers between 1-2 cm.  Dr. L said he was happy we’ve made it this far and now hopes that we can get to 32 weeks or 34 weeks ideally.  At 34 weeks E and him will “go out for drinks” he said.  He did make the comment that I’m “starting to look pregnant” which he said is a great thing.  Yes..bring on the big belly.  They did take measurements of baby and he weighs about 2 lbs. 8 oz which means he gained 15 oz in the last 4 weeks.  Hard to believe he only weighs 2.5 lbs because his kicks feel so strong.  Last night before bed he was dreaming about playing soccer I think and he was just going nuts in my belly.  Hubby was feeling the belly and actually got freaked out one time he kicked so hard.

We had a good weekend and father’s day.  The parents came over Sunday night and brought dinner which was delicious.  I got my dad a metal detector which I think he liked and E got his dad some movies and shirts.  I got Eric some flip flops (his current ones were a sad sight) and a onesie for the baby that says “I  LDPV”.  It was a success.

My belly is definitely getting bigger but I know baby still has a lot of growing to do so it’s gonna get HUGE.  So far I’ve made it without any stretch marks but I’m not sure I’ll be lucky enough to avoid them entirely.

Yesterday (after MUCH deliberation) I finally made some purchases for the nursery.

From Land of Nod:

blue pendant

This blue pendant as the main light in the room.

hedgehog nightlight

Hedgehog night light to put on the bookshelf.

owl lamp

Owl lamp to go on the changing table next to the changing pad.

From Wal-Mart – 2 of these baskets to put on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf side by side:

wire basket

And from bed bath and beyond, 4 of these baskets made of recycled paper to go in the cube for storage:


Also while I’m typing this my rug came!  I had to put some books on it to help flatten it out some but I think it will look great.

I’ll take some more photos of the nursery once we get all of that great stuff set up…can’t wait!


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