27 week ultrasound

27 weeks 3 days

Yesterday we went for an ultrasound and I was so worried that I packed a bag for the hospital just in case.  Fortunately everything looked really good.  My cervix was measuring about 2.6 cm and at worst was still better than last week but they didn’t specify the number.  Fluid levels also looked good.  Baby looked great and when they got this picture of him he was sucking on his forearm and you could see his little mouth just going to town.


Freaking adorable.  Dr. L was on vacation so we had a different maternal fetal medicine specialist but she was very nice.  She said everything was about the same and to continue with the plan.  Dr. G checked for contractions and there were none.  She measured my belly and said I was right on track.  She also answered some of my questions and concerns about baby not having enough room.  She said the uterus is an amazing organ – that when you think it can’t get bigger, it will and that it didn’t matter that baby was on the left – the uterus would adjust.  That made me feel a lot better.

Last night baby was kicking so hard and I love it.  It’s uncomfortable at times but it’s so nice knowing that he’s alive and fine.   Every day he gets a little stronger.  This morning he kept sticking his foot out and I would try to rub it.  He’s so active!  I think he hardly sleeps which is a little scary for when this guy comes out.


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