29 weeks

29 weeks, 5 days

30 days!

Hard to believe it’s been over 5 weeks since I started bed rest.  Surprisingly time is going by quickly.  We’re over halfway to 34 weeks from when we started so I’m feeling good about that.

We went for an ultrasound on Tuesday and things were looking about the same.  Good fluid levels and cervix measured about 1.1 cm.  They did a biophysical profile of the baby and he got 100%!  I was a little concerned before the appointment because during the USA vs. Portugal game on Sunday night I got a little riled up and starting having contractions every 10-15 min.  Fortunately I drank lots of water and laid back and they started to space themselves out again.  They’ve been back to their normal 1 every hour or so since Monday.

The nursery is coming along.  I’m really happy with the rug and lighting we got.  Hubby put up the pendant last Saturday which was terribly difficult but it looks great!

nurserypendant  owllampnursery


Next up for projects:

– making lots of origami leaves and animals for a mobile

I’d like to hang all of them with fishing wire from a branch.  (inspiration)

– research for a pouf and wooden letter

– more cross stitching…endless.

I’ve also started to acquire quite a lot of baby clothes and other items so today I went ahead and threw a bunch of blankets in the washing machine to get them ready.  So exciting to start filling up those drawers!

Here’s my 29 week bump!



28 weeks

28 weeks, 3 days (eggplant)

39 days until 34 weeks

On Monday we went for our 28 week ultrasound which went well.  My cervix continues to funnel dynamically but hovers between 1-2 cm.  Dr. L said he was happy we’ve made it this far and now hopes that we can get to 32 weeks or 34 weeks ideally.  At 34 weeks E and him will “go out for drinks” he said.  He did make the comment that I’m “starting to look pregnant” which he said is a great thing.  Yes..bring on the big belly.  They did take measurements of baby and he weighs about 2 lbs. 8 oz which means he gained 15 oz in the last 4 weeks.  Hard to believe he only weighs 2.5 lbs because his kicks feel so strong.  Last night before bed he was dreaming about playing soccer I think and he was just going nuts in my belly.  Hubby was feeling the belly and actually got freaked out one time he kicked so hard.

We had a good weekend and father’s day.  The parents came over Sunday night and brought dinner which was delicious.  I got my dad a metal detector which I think he liked and E got his dad some movies and shirts.  I got Eric some flip flops (his current ones were a sad sight) and a onesie for the baby that says “I  LDPV”.  It was a success.

My belly is definitely getting bigger but I know baby still has a lot of growing to do so it’s gonna get HUGE.  So far I’ve made it without any stretch marks but I’m not sure I’ll be lucky enough to avoid them entirely.

Yesterday (after MUCH deliberation) I finally made some purchases for the nursery.

From Land of Nod:

blue pendant

This blue pendant as the main light in the room.

hedgehog nightlight

Hedgehog night light to put on the bookshelf.

owl lamp

Owl lamp to go on the changing table next to the changing pad.

From Wal-Mart – 2 of these baskets to put on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf side by side:

wire basket

And from bed bath and beyond, 4 of these baskets made of recycled paper to go in the cube for storage:


Also while I’m typing this my rug came!  I had to put some books on it to help flatten it out some but I think it will look great.

I’ll take some more photos of the nursery once we get all of that great stuff set up…can’t wait!

27 week ultrasound

27 weeks 3 days

Yesterday we went for an ultrasound and I was so worried that I packed a bag for the hospital just in case.  Fortunately everything looked really good.  My cervix was measuring about 2.6 cm and at worst was still better than last week but they didn’t specify the number.  Fluid levels also looked good.  Baby looked great and when they got this picture of him he was sucking on his forearm and you could see his little mouth just going to town.


Freaking adorable.  Dr. L was on vacation so we had a different maternal fetal medicine specialist but she was very nice.  She said everything was about the same and to continue with the plan.  Dr. G checked for contractions and there were none.  She measured my belly and said I was right on track.  She also answered some of my questions and concerns about baby not having enough room.  She said the uterus is an amazing organ – that when you think it can’t get bigger, it will and that it didn’t matter that baby was on the left – the uterus would adjust.  That made me feel a lot better.

Last night baby was kicking so hard and I love it.  It’s uncomfortable at times but it’s so nice knowing that he’s alive and fine.   Every day he gets a little stronger.  This morning he kept sticking his foot out and I would try to rub it.  He’s so active!  I think he hardly sleeps which is a little scary for when this guy comes out.

27 weeks

27 weeks 1 day

48 days to go

Baby is the size of a rutabaga (whatever that is…)

Yesterday hubby got to work setting up the 2 storage units in the nursery and they look pretty good.  Here they are all set up:

cribandbookshelf cubeanddresser

After seeing the setup for the dresser and cubes I realized there is definitely not going to be space for a large laundry hamper so I decided to make my own over the door laundry bag inspired from pinterest.  I just purchased a yard of fabric and a 14″ embroidery hoop and think this will help save some space in the nursery and will of course be nice and functional (hopefully…) if I can pull it off.  Also in total I only spent 15 dollars for the fabric and hoop which is cheaper than the laundry hamper I originally registered for.  As for a trash can I’m thinking of putting a small one for diapers either to the right of the dresser or by the door.

I’m patiently waiting for my lighting to go on sale at land of nod so I can pull the trigger on those pieces.

Saturday I had a lot of discomfort which was scary.  Yesterday was better though and today so far I’m feeling good.  I’m a little anxious about our doctor’s appt tomorrow and scared that my cervix has shortened more which may explain the pain I was getting Saturday.

50 days

My spirits have been down the last few days.  I’ve been spending the majority of the last 3 days alone (except for pup) and as I get bored I find myself wandering onto message boards about bed rest and inevitably reading about success as well as horror stories for ladies with a shortened cervix.  I cry every time I read a story, good or bad.  Thinking I may need to stay away from that stuff…

I keep getting strange sensations/pains low down and I’ve had several contractions today and every time I feel something I’m afraid it’s a bad sign.

Today was the day we were supposed to fly down to Florida so maybe that’s bumming me out too.  Eric has been so busy with track too that he’s been coming home so late.  I really wish I had something to distract me and to make the time go by quicker.  I already cross stitched for like 4 hours today and there are no good movies on :/

I did order this rug yesterday (3′ round) which I’ll put between the crib and rocker.

I also ordered E a few things for Father’s Day but still need to shop for both of our dads.

Unfortunately all the things I can think of doing require spending money.

53 days to go

26 weeks 3 days

Went for another appointment today.  My cervix varied from 0.6 cm to 3.5 cm with continued dynamic funneling.  Dr. L wants me to keep everything the same.  He did mention that at some point I would be monitored in the hospital.  Just hoping we can delay that a few weeks.  HR was 142 and fluid levels were 10.1.  Baby kept kicking at the ultrasound probe and the TOCO and there were no contractions.

Yesterday my frames and prints all came in.  Here they are:


Lookin good!  Excited to get them all hung up but I’m waiting on the maternity photo and letter to finalize the layout.

26 weeks

26 weeks today.  56 days until 34 weeks.

Today baby is the size of a head of lettuce!

On Friday we went for another ultrasound appointment.  My cervix continues to dynamically shorten and lengthen randomly (and without any sensation that the change is occurring).  Back and forth it goes.  Dr. L was pleased that it continues to be about the same.  And given that the nifedipine has not caused any symptoms (no dizziness or drop in BP), he wants me to remain on that.  Baby was pretty chill – I think he was sleepy.  I did ask Dr. L why baby is always head down and he said that he simply doesn’t have enough room to flip around like most babies 😦  Baby’s heart rate was 147 and my fluid levels were 10.6 which the tech said was “good”.  They won’t measure the baby for size until 28 weeks which is unfortunate.  I feel like it’s really motivating to hear how much bigger he’s getting.  They did monitor for contractions for 20 min and unlike Tuesday’s appointment, I didn’t have any.  I went ahead and asked the doctor who had previously ok’d our trip to Florida next week and she did say she didn’t recommend travelling at this point.  She said that yes, there are hospitals there, but if baby were to be born he’d likely be stuck in Florida for several months and therefore we’d also be stuck there too.  That was a point I hadn’t considered.  As much as I’d like to go to Florida to be able to spend some time with Eric and my family, ultimately it’s not the best thing for baby and I’ve accepted that.  Maybe once we get to 34 weeks we’ll plan a getaway to Va Beach for a long weekend.

I got some good news about work.  I’ll be able to use up all my PTO prior to starting maternity leave and then I get to take 12 weeks of FMLA.  PTO will take me up to mid-July sometime.  At that point, I would begin maternity leave for 6-8 weeks whether or not baby has arrived.  That means full pay, then 50% pay that will take me at least until September.  Then with 12 weeks FMLA (no pay), my job will be held up until November.  I’m not sure if I’d be ready to return to work at that point.  I guess it depends on when baby actually arrives.  I doubt they’d fire me if I didn’t return to work immediately after FMLA.  I think whenever I can come back they’ll want me back – unless they’ve completely replaced me.  But given the way our company is growing, I don’t foresee them not needing me in the future.  So far my boss has been pretty supportive about everything.  But then again, up until this point in my career I’ve been a really reliable employee so I kind of feel like they owe me.

I’ve spent the last few days beginning a cross stitch project.  I’ve never cross stitched before but after working on it a few days I’m pretty pleased with it.  I think it’ll be a good addition to the nursery and will be something special for the baby.  Also, it will take hours upon hours.  And currently, I have too much time so it’s a great thing.

The storage cube unit arrived Friday – now if I can just get hubby to put it together 😉 It looks really heavy…poor guy.

Slowly, one by one, the art pieces I ordered from Etsy are arriving.  I have 2 fox ones, a hedgehog, owl, bear and raccoon.  I’ve bought some frames and hopefully they’ll come in soon.  I’d like to also get a maternity photo printed on canvas to go in the middle of these.  I’ll wait a while until the belly gets a little bigger.  I have a friend who will take the photos for us (though I haven’t asked her yet).  I’d like it to be Eric and I standing in the woods hopefully backlit so it’s kind of us silhouette from the side maybe holding hands.  I’ll hang everything over the changing table.  I’ve also considered getting a big wooden F (first initial of baby) to go in the mix of the frames but can’t decide on a color.  And also, we haven’t completely decided on baby’s name yet.

Biggest fear recently: stillbirth.  What a terrible thing!  As if it’s not bad enough to think that yes, baby will survive but will have severe defects if born at this time – but now we got to consider he may not survive at all?!  I read something today where one woman had carried 2 babies up to 28 weeks only to have stillbirths.  Come on 34 weeks!